The bending stiffness test of Zebung Technology’s offshore oil hose shows excellent performance

  Zebung Technology has been committed to providing high-quality marine oil hose solutions for the world. In order to ensure that the product can work stably in the harsh marine environment, Zebung Technology has carried out bending stiffness tests. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the performance of Zebung Technology’s marine oil hose under bending forces.


  Test purposes

The main purpose of this bending stiffness test is to verify the mechanical properties and structural stability of the marine oil hose produced by Zebung Technology under bending load. Through the test data, we will understand the deformation characteristics of the flexible tube in the bending state, thus providing scientific basis for further optimization of the product.

  Test preparation

In order to ensure the accuracy of the test, Zebung Technology selected test equipment and professional operators in line with international standards, and engineers from BV participated in the whole process of this bending stiffness test. Before the test, Zebung Technology conducted a detailed inspection of the hose to ensure that it was free of any defects.

  Test procedure

1. Fix the hose to the bending test equipment, ensuring that the hose remains horizontal during the test

2. Gradually increase bending load while recording deformation of hose

3. Stop loading when obvious plastic deformation or failure of hose occurs

4. collate and analyze test data Test results Through this test, Zebung Technology has obtained the deformation data of marine oil hose under different bending loads.

  Test results

It shows that Zebung Technology’s marine oil hose has good bending stiffness and structural stability, and can withstand harsh marine environments.

Zebung offshore oil hoses perform well in bending stiffness tests, proving their superior quality and reliability. Zebung Technology will continue to strive to continuously optimize product performance and provide more high-quality and reliable marine oil hose solutions for customers around the world.

About Zebung

Hebei Zebung Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and located in the development zone of JingCounty, Hebei Province, China. In 2015, ZEBUNG imported 4 sets of ltalian VP industrial fuid hose production lineincreased the marine oil hose production line for large-diameter hose. After more than 20 years rapiddevelopment, ZEBUNG act as a technology leader enterprise. ZEBUNG’S registered capital rising to 59 milion, staff over 150 emplovees,10 scientific research personnel. 3 senior engineers, more than 120 sets of production equipment.

ZEBUNG’s main producis are large-dia marine oil hose, large diameter dredging hose, industrial rubber Hose – FDA food hose / UHMPE chemical rubber hose / hydraulic oil hose / standblasting hose / concrete hose / steam hose, fuel oil hose and so on. All products have obtained BV lSO9001: 2015 international quality system certifcaion. curently ZEBUNG have Approved by BV- OCIMF standard GMPHOM 2009 certification for marine hose and FDA certification.

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