The Reflective Safety Vest Gift for Mothers Day that Keeps Mums Safe Everyday

Reflective Safety Vest Is the perfect Mothers day Gift Claims Active Arlo

Sunday May 8th is a special day in everyones calendar. It is Mothers day and whether young or old it is a chance to celebrate the one person in all our lives who was there from the very beginning. For some is it a chance to remember a mother who has past and spend a day in reflection to them and the life they gave us so that we were able to become the people we are today.

For many, it is the chance to give flowers or a gift to say a simple thank you, for the time and effort they have spent over many years being a parent. Gifts can only be a token in recognition of raising children but one such gift idea from reflective safety vest manufacturer Active Arlo will help keep any mother safe when exercising, walking and running or even for the more adventurous mothers out there who like to motorcycle or bike.

A spokesperson for Active Arlo explained, “We are in the business of keeping people safe and I can’t think of a better way gift for anyone to give an active mother than one that says, Hey Mom, I love you and want to make sure you stay safe on the roads and are around for many more years!”

The Active Arlo reflective vest suitable for running, walking, jogging or working in conditions where visibility to moving vehicles can be an issue comprises two wide adjustable visibility strips suitable for a large range of sizes. Made to fit waist 26-40 inches and shoulder size 16-26 inches, the wider than average strips ensure the visibility of the wearer to oncoming traffic whatever the conditions and provide a bright reflective surface through 360 degrees of vision. An adjustable buckle fastener also means that the reflective vest can be secured in place to make it comfortable for wearing whilst running or cycling.

The spokesperson continued, “We are all somebody’s child and we all have mothers. Many of whom are active and need to be kept safe around vehicles. Our reflective vest is used by many people of all ages for many different activities. The one thing they have in common is being in proximity to vehicles. Whether your mum is a cyclist, a jogger or someone who just walks the neighbourhood with their dog. Too many accidents are caused by visibility issues and what better time to highlight the dangers and keep someone as precious as a mother safe, than by showing you care on mothers day.”

The Active Arlo reflective vest is available exclusively on Amazon USA. For a limited period, the vest can be purchased at a considerable discount to the Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

Here is what actual customers have said about the Active Arlo Reflective Vest:

Great quality and material – Super reflective!

I walk my dogs after work at night on an unlit rural back road. Traffic, despite my having a flashlight and wearing white clothing, seems to enjoy seeing how close they can come to killing us as they rocket by. Since starting wearing reflective straps, the cars now slow down and move over into the other lane. My son shone the light from his iPhone at me the other night from about 300-400 feet, and he said that even with the tiny phone light, I lit up like a Christmas tree.

Perfect for safely walking our dog, (who has a matching reflective harness), at night in our extraordinary community!


Active Arlo are manufacturers and distributors of personal safety attire to include the Active Arlo Reflective Vest for running, jogging, walking the dog, bicycle riding, motorcycle riding or working in proximity to vehicles where visibility is a safety factor.

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