Mothers Day Gift of Crochet Hooks Set Make a Special Day Bonding Event Says Classy Catz

Shared Activity between Mothers & Child Can Create Lasting Treasured Memories

Mothers day 2016 falls on May 8th and this year, as with every other, the day will be  celebrated across the country with the giving of cards and flowers and other presents as we honour the ladies in our lives who have given of themselves to raise, cherish and love us all, for so many years. It is a day in the calendar like no other as there is not one human being on the planet who has not had a mother and though many will spend the day in reflective remembrance of mothers who have past, it is still a day to contemplate with a smile those memories.

Crochet hooks manufacturer Classy Catz, in a statement today said that shared memories by mothers and child can be a lasting treasure of memories and that activities done together such as crocheting can not only bring parent and child closer together but also create bonds and friendships that last a lifetime through the community that exists in activities such as crochet groups.

A spokesperson for Classy Catz explained further, “Mothers Day is such a special day for all of us. With something like crocheting, it can be quite a special activity between a mother and child. Quite often it is the mother who sparks the interest in the next generation and crocheting can become a long term bonding and shared experience for children to do with their mum. We like to think of the crocheting community as one large multi generational family of like minded people. We have plenty of men in our community as well as ladies and many of them probably got started by crocheting with their mum or grandmother.

She continued, “We would like to take this opportunity to wish all the hard working mothers out there a very special day and those who would like to create future shared memories with their mothers, we can’t think of saying I love you more than with a great new set of crochet hooks. We have done a multi set discount so that you can share a new, or continue an existing shared experience with your mum!”

The Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set of 9 aluminium crochet hooks with ergonomic adjustable handles, sizes 2-6 mm in a travel carry case along with a 21 piece accessory kit, row counter and 20 piece markers set is available exclusively on Amazon USA. The set also includes a free baby dragon pattern. For a limited time, the set is available at a discount to its RRP, (Recommended retail price), and now also includes additional discounts for multiple purchases.

Here is what a few reviewers have said about The Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set on Amazon:

Love this kit and would definitely buy more would make perfect gifts for novice and seasoned crocheters.

This crochet set is gorgeous!! It came highly recommended by very close friends of mine who use them so I thought I’d give them a go and I see why! They are soooo comfortable to hold and manipulate with yarn. The handles are made of that malleable grippy plastic that sort of moulds to your hand with pressure. It doesn’t change shape. It just gives to increased pressure so you don’t end up with the kind of sore spots you would get with other hooks. The bright colors make it really fun to use and the little carrying case is such a bonus!! Just like my friends, I HIGHLY recommend this to any crochet enthusiast whether you’re a beginner or a pro. I’m definitely happy with my purchase!”

I don’t crochet but my elderly mom does all day everyday… She makes so many amazing things, but has noticed lately her hands hurting more and more… SO when I saw these I knew I had to get them for her… SHE LOVES THEM…


Classy Catz are manufacturers and sole distributors of the Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set. The set may be purchased from Amazon USA.

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