The Process of Delivering Semi-conductive Tetoron Tapes to Mexico

At the request of the customer from Mexico, ONE WORLD has delivered the samples of semi-conductive tetoron tape on 9th, December and now these tape samples are on the way to the customer.

The semi-conductive tetoron tapes that ONE WORLD provided are made of tetoron tape, via semi-conductive and acrylic adhesive, impregnated dry and forming, fiber after fully carding, high longitudinal strength, small resistance, which are used in the outside of cable conductor and insulation core to shield and bind. With super high strength, it is particularly suitable for shielding, binding, and isolating high-voltage cable and ultra-high-voltage cable.

The samples of STC tape includes printed tapes and other tapes without printing. Actually, printed semi-conductive tetoron tape is very special and rare in the market, but ONE WORLD has the ability to print on it, and colors and printing content can be customized according to the requirement of the customer, ONE WORLD has specialized for years. Here are the samples pictures below:

Both of ONE WORLD hope that ONE WORLD will have long-term cooperation on this cable material in the near future. ONE WORLD has confidence in STC tapes that it will satisfy the requirements of ONE WORLD customer after the quality evaluation because ONE WORLD has supplied this material to ONE WORLD cable manufactures at home and abroad for many years. These tape materials have earned a good reputation from ONE WORLD customers. ONE WORLD not only focuses on high quality and cost-saving cable materials but also provide customers with excellent service. Whenever customers need ONE WORLD, ONE WORLD will always be here.

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