What is the main material of etched signs

The main material of etched signs is stainless steel. Because stainless nameplate will not rust, have long service life, lightweight, high-end feeling, and strong metal texture and dignity, they are widely used in mobile phones, computers, automobiles and automobile decorations and other metal signs.

How to make stainless steel logo, and briefly list the main processes:

Step 1: According to the drawings provided by the metal plate manufacturers, design the product pattern and text details that need to be etched

Step 2: Engrave the designed graphic content on the self-adhesive paper

Step 3: Attach the carved adhesive film to the metal plate evenly

Step 4: Remove the adhesive paper at the place that needs to be etched)

Step 5: Press the edge of the sword tightly to prevent water seepage

Step 6: Etching, 1. electro-etching: use the signed etching and filling machine produced, the speed is fast; 2. chemical etching

Step 7: Wash with water, etch to the required depth to stop etching, rinse with water

Step 8: dry

Step 9: Filling and spraying: use an air compressor and spray gun to spray paint the signs with larger sizes and larger fonts

Step 10: Naturally dry or paint

Step 11: Peel off the protective adhesive paper except for the font

Step 12: check, trim, clean-finished product

Next, we will introduce the advantages of etching signs:

1. Short etching process time and low cost in mass production;

2. The surface of the etching product is smooth and the edges are relatively neat. The thinner the metal plate, the higher the accuracy;

3. The etching cost is low, and the new product is produced with film, and the finished product can be produced in a short time;

4. Short etching lead time;

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