The Price Of Freedom: Alice Wimberly’s Latest Work Charges Readers To Take Control Of Their Destinies

The new book was written for those trying to establish themselves in the world and empowers readers with the knowledge to succeed and take their rightful place in society

December 19, 2022 – Alice Wimberly is encouraging people to put in the work and take control of their destinies. Her latest work titled The Price of Freedom is a unique self-motivating book that empowers readers with the knowledge to succeed and take their rightful place in society. 

Championing continuous learning as a prerequisite for success, The Price of Freedom not only delivers tested strategies and blueprints for defeating doubt and rising above adversity but also encourages the reader to initiate a plan to win. According to Alice, the cost of freedom comes through the mind’s ability to control itself—never backing down. 

The author believes the key to success lies in assuming control of one’s destiny and executing a winning strategy to accomplish set out goals. As opposed to waiting around for someone else to generously hand it over, The Price of Freedom teaches readers how to accomplish their desired position in life.

“The book is geared to bring to light what we must do to succeed and be successful in this great age of technology. We must prepare and equip ourselves with the knowledge to succeed, and take our rightful place in society.” – Alice Wimberly.

Born in the 1940s, Alice grew up in an era plagued by hunger and hardship. The budding author finished school with a GED, having been forced to spend precious reading time out in the fields trying to make ends meet. However, Alice was unperturbed by her difficult circumstances and rather let her suffering fuel her determination which eventually earned her a college degree later in life.

The Price of Freedom draws on the experiences of Alice to show readers that all it takes to achieve anything is a winning mindset and the discipline to strive to be better. The incredible self-help book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and can be accessed by clicking here:

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