“The Power of Kind” Uncovers the Greatness of a Universal Force for Improved Wellbeing and Purposeful Living

There is a force for good inside us with limitless potential and reach. The force of kindness is all-encompassing, as revealed in the recently published work, “The Power of Kind: How to Use the Golden Chain of Kindness to Thrive and Prosper In a Life Filled with Grace, Joy, and Ease.”

Co-authors Dawn Airhart Witte and Deborah Louise Brown have come out with a work that will make readers embark on a new journey in life. On the way, they will become healthier, more focused, and productive, and the masters of their destiny. For those who are wondering what they want to be or wanting to become a better version of themselves, this is the place to begin.

“The Power of Kind” includes a 21-day KIND intensive program intended to assist readers with re-discovering their true and genuine selves. It will help readers increase their Kindness Quotient, revealing the world to be like an oyster, with greater joy, peace, love, and self-confidence than they have ever imagined.

According to the authors, “Kindness is the very glue that holds us together, personally and in community with one another. ‘The Power of Kind’ provides a conscious course on how to best use your superpower called kindness.”

Those who have loved this work should also look at other works of this series, called “Recipes for Being Series: Pocket Journals for Celebrating Seven Words for Living a Life of Purpose by Design.” The series is intended to make readers experience a new day, inspiring them to learn and reflect on their purpose on the planet.

Dawn Airhart Witte has been long involved with charity and community work in Africa as the founder of Desire to Inspire Foundation, which aims to break the cycle of poverty in African countries such as Uganda, Kenya, and others. Her product line is called “The Be Line Products,” which comprises From Be totes, beanies, hoodies, perfumes, and other cool gift items. A project recently supported by the Foundation is the Africa Inspiration Calendar by Kenyan photographer Davis Hidinks Oching. Dawn’s previous works include “Be,” and “Recipes for Being: the Power of Kind,” and “Recipes of BEing: The Power of Seven.”

Buy from Amazon: “The Power of Kind: How to Use the Golden Chain of Kindness to Thrive and Prosper In a Life Filled with Grace, Joy, and Ease.”

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