The Number One Place for Financial Model Templates is set for Future Growth

eFinancialModels, a unique marketplace for financial model templates helps entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and financial analysts to save significant time and make better informed financial decisions

eFinancialModels has been developing from a secret tip for financial modeling resources online into the standard website to checkout whenever you need a Financial Plan template for Fundraising, Investment, Valuation or Financial Analysis. Today, more than 6’000 users have been using financial model templates from authors registered at eFinancialModels. If you work in preparing financial plans or budgets, you might have already come across eFinancialModels.

The principle is very easy: Creating a financial model can be a cumbersome task if you are not used to performing financial analysis in Excel and need to create a financial plan for fundraising, investment, valuation or other business planning purposes. So instead of reinventing a financial plan structure somebody else has already created before, it’s much smarter to find a suitable financial model template and adjust it to the specific business case. This is quick, efficient and offers access to important industry and financial analysis know-how.

What was initially started more than 2 years ago to help entrepreneurs on a self-service basis,has been transformed into the leading place to find sophisticated industry-specific financial model templates. The resources available today on eFinancialModels comprise of sophisticated financial model templates as well as Budget and other Financial Plan templates in both Excel and Google Sheet format. The financial models are provided by different authors skilled in financial modeling and analysis tasks for whomeFinancialModels offers a great platform to showcase financial modeling skills, industry expertise,and market their products and services. The platform today has attracted more than 6’000 users from nearly all countries in the world who made it their number one place to go whenever they build their next financial model template. eFinancialModels plans to keep growing its inventory of financial model templates furtherand continuously seeks skilled financial modelers who are interested to service eFinancialModels’ users.

About eFinancialModels

eFinancialModels is a unique marketplace for financial model templates which help entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, and financial analysis to prepare quality financial analysis by using industry-specific financial model templates. Using a financial plan template saves time and money while enhancing the quality of a financial analysis.

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