The New York Crime Victims Compensation Fund Is Not Being Accessed by Majority of Victims

New York, NY – Victims and survivors of violent crimes often experience stress and trauma long after the crime itself is over. Even the families of victims feel the strain brought on by the physical abuse and psychological effects as a result of their loved becoming a violent crime statistic. Crime Victim Compensation is a non-profit organization with one goal: to help victims of crime and their families to connect with resources and programs that can provide financial assistance and support services they so desperately need. The organization and their victim advocates’ mission centers on raising awareness and providing help and assistance to victims and their families in filing an application for government compensation with their state’s attorney general office, office of victim services or victim of crime compensation office.

New York City, like any city, experiences its fair share of crimes, violent or otherwise. The victims experience stress and trauma long after the crime and often endure a long recovery.  Many do not pursue or obtain support from either the state or local community based victim assistance programs.  As a result, crime survivors often face the costs of medical expenses, funeral or burial expenses, counseling costs, the costs involved in replacing personal property, or even the expenses of staying in domestic violence shelters. As with most stressful events, victims of violent crime often look to their families for support of any kind, but that isn’t always enough.  The impact of the crime may be hidden, but it is real and so too must be the effort to reduce the trauma.

Crime Victim Compensation helps victims to connect with a support victim advocate and any resources that may be available to them to help them recover from the often traumatic event of a violent crime. CVC is always attempting to further awareness of the plight of violent crime victims in order to grow their support network.

“They feel lost after the crime and I either not aware of or don’t know how to access services, financial help or victim assistance programs that could help them recover from their depression, anxiety, stress and financial hardship” explains Sadie Morison, a spokesman for the company. “It’s hard enough to deal with being the victim of a crime in the first place, let alone to deal with the unforeseen expenses long after. Our organization aims to help ease the burden of those costs-and the emotional burden as well-by building a support network for victims.”

The organization connects violent crime victims with such valuable resources as victim advocates, charities, and government aid, among others. Crime Victim Compensation provides resources for those suffering the effects of such crimes as domestic violence, murder, homicide, sexual assault, human trafficking, child abuse, elder abuse, assault, robbery, stalking, and harassment.

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