The New & Reclaimed Wood Flooring Co. For Lavish Wooden Flooring Solution

Based in London, Reclaimed Flooring Co provides you a lavish wooden flooring solution. It is a great way of receiving the real wood floor that is creative enough to boost up your ambiance. The Reclaimed Flooring Co offers you a high quality wooden and engineered board with multiple choices, various finishes, attractive color palates, and styles in wood. Since the company offers you a plethora of options, it becomes impossible to not find an ideal choice for your home or commercial premises.

The collection of Reclaimed Flooring Co is myriad enough to suit any interior style. The complete set of the wood choices is made from the unique ply board backing which is the strongest amongst all. One can find the showroom of RFC surrounded by the world’s famous architects, designers and provides them service frequently. 

Numerous planks are accessible up to an affordable range. RFC can supply it with mixed widths, which match up impeccably to create exceptional mixed width flooring. For instance, the wider and thinner boards will give you space a rustic feel to the interior. Once you are settled with the choice of flooring, then there are plenty of options for the flooring finish. 

The Reclaimed Flooring Co is a specialist expert in the reclaimed oaks, antique oaks, new oaks, engineered oaks, and specialist finishing. RFC is also a legal contributor in creating the patinas and natural colors with a variety of study of organic compositions. 

“We firmly believe that nature is untamable and the wild spirit of the wood must reveal the origin of its time and variation without such constraints. Our organic formulas are specially designed to react with the tannic acid that exists naturally within the timber and thereby a time capsule effect that speeds up the natural aging process.” said the Robert J. Henry who started the journey of around 90’s in South-West London. Furthermore, he also added “The creative and passionate purpose leads to the idea of The New Reclaimed Flooring Company. We are committed to providing sustainable living. Our pledge is to plant one tree for every 10m2 wood flooring sold.” 

The established wooden flooring company delivers services in installing wooden planks, floor cleaning, installing, and renovation of wood flooring, and many more. You can also set up a free consultation and offer you quotes that are as per your demand without compromising the beauty and natural appeal of the wood flooring. 

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