The New Eco-Friendly Hardwood Collection from Three Trees Flooring Sparks Wide Interest

Three Tree Flooring is pleased to announce the release of its new eco-friendly hardwood collection that targets the ever-growing sustainable market. In addition to meeting today’s stringent regulations, this new line of engineered hardwood flooring satisfies the expectations of environmentally-conscious consumers, while respecting the planet. Three Tree Flooring claims that the product line draws inspiration from the company’s European background, with a Canadian twist. As highlighted in the announcement, hardwood floor enthusiasts are to expect the following quality and build features:

  • Low maintenance and easy care for durability
  • Osmo Polyx-Oil hardwood finish for that glossy finish
  • Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) that guarantees sustainability

The ethical stance of the company is well-suited to the contemporary values of many U.S. and Canadian property owners, contractors, and construction consultants. The hardwood used by the manufacturer is sourced from responsibly managed forests. According to the company, this approach contributes to long-term environmental stability. Given the high-quality material, manufacturing and finishing techniques, and high customer satisfaction rate, it’s easy to see why this flooring provider is setting the pace.

Customers who have long waited for an ecologically friendly flooring solution can now get their hands on products from the company in the following options:

Each collection offers a wide range of styles, textures, and finishes, which customers can choose from. The company highlights the importance of considering the environment when planning a new home design. The hardwood flooring collection will fit seamlessly into any décor. Customers can expect the right combination of style, colour, quality, and durability. Three Trees Flooring also notes that the hardwood panels stand out to capture the market as they are:

  • Hand-crafted by highly-trained craftsmen with years of experience.
  • Of the best designs consumers can find in the market.
  • Built to last for more than 20 years.
  • Constructed with a spruce core to offer any interior floor extreme stability. As such, homeowners can install these products in any section of the property, regardless of the varying conditions.
  • Able to withstand drastic changes in humidity levels, which augments overall comfort.

According to the spokesperson for Three Trees Flooring, the company focuses on creating a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with customers from all walks of life. This ethos is underpinned by transparent pricing, exceptional service, and quick delivery. As part of the service, the company provides clear-cut explanations to help property owners make an informed decision on the material used in various construction projects.

As stated by the representative, “We aim to make the shopping experience as smooth and straightforward as possible, without being overbearing. This means that we take care to ensure that customers understand what they’re purchasing. So, we believe that our newly launched eco-friendly flooring collection will give them a durable and beautiful solution to their flooring needs.”

About Three Trees Flooring

Three Tree Flooring is a manufacturer and retailer of hardwood flooring products. Through innovation and research, the Ontario-based company has maintained its spot in the industry while delivering high-quality, eco-friendly hardwood floors to meet customers’ expectations. Having a wide service area that spans Canada and North America, the hardwood flooring company’s market outreach is quite extensive, targeting both residential homes and commercial establishments.

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