Addiction Rehab Toronto Expands Service Provision Following Qmentum Accreditation Award

After an in-depth review of evidence-based treatment practices by the Accreditation Decision Committee, Addiction Rehab Toronto (ART) was recently awarded Qmentum Accreditation. The announcement comes on the heels of recent regulatory changes that emphasize the need for addiction treatment centres to be evidence-based and incorporatethe latest innovations to help with patients’ recovery. Hence, the addiction recovery centre has taken proactive steps to better serve the community.

As indicated by ART, alcohol and drug abuse are major health and social challenges in Canada. Over 6 million Canadians have struggled with substance use disorders at least once in their lifetime. Beneath the surface of this alarming statistic is the reality that affected Canadians of all backgrounds face the stigma associated with addiction. Further research reveals that the root cause is a misunderstanding of addiction as a choice rather than a disease.

Nonetheless, Addiction Rehab Toronto maintains the position that addiction is an illness that can be effectively managed with proper care and treatment. While there are numerous approaches to addiction treatment, some have proven to be more effective than others. While there are numerous approaches to addiction treatment, some have proven to be more effective than others. They include:

The addiction treatment centre offers victims of addiction appropriate care and support to help overcome substance abuse or dependence. This will include a 47-day rehabilitation program that is tailored to the patient’s specific situation and preferences. The centre’s personalized approach to addiction treatment is guaranteed to make a profound difference in the lives of patients by laying a solid foundation for recovery.

“We are thrilled to have received our Qmentum accreditation. It validates our mission to provide effective, evidence-based care to the clients we serve. We believe that focusing on patients’ strengths and needs will ease the recovery process,” said a spokesperson for ART. “We are very proud of our staff who have been involved in this journey and achievement. I feel that it makes a significant difference in how we help the community. Besides, ART is not a rehab, but a home,” the representative added.

Addiction Rehab Toronto highlights that contributing factors to growth and development in the industry include:

  • An experienced and professional team of doctors, therapists, counsellors, and other members of the centre.
  • High success rates in recovery.
  • Holistic approach to recovery, tailored to the individual.
  • Guaranteed success of recovery.

Services provided by the centre range from addiction counselling therapy to meth addiction treatment. ART guarantees re-admission into the relapse prevention program upon completing the 47-day treatment program. This will offer patients the ideal opportunity to build their recovery plan for lasting success.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto (ART) is a family-oriented addiction treatment centre that offers unique customized plans for overcoming addiction to drugs and alcohol. The centre’s one-on-one and group support guarantee a high success rate of recovery. ART staff are also experts in relapse prevention. Located in Ontario, the addiction rehab facility provides quality service in major cities, including Toronto, Barrie, Oakville, Etobicoke, and Hamilton.

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