The new app for hiding blue ticks and last seen on messenger apps receives good reviews from the users

Hide-Blue ticks or last seen is the newly launched mobile app on Google Play store that has received great reviews from the users. The app as the name suggests, enables the user to hide their last seen or blue ticks while using the popular social networks such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, IMP, and Allo. It provides the freedom to the users to read their friend’s incoming messages incognito without leaving any last seen notice or blue double ticks. Additionally, the user can also see the messages immediately deleted by the sender on apps like WhatsApp and others.

The app currently stands on a rating of over 4 stars with several good reviews from the users, one of whom says, “Very good app. Read all messages silently. My friends don’t know that I am reading their messages. Also, I like the moment feature of the app to post photos anonymously” while another one mentions, “Recommended, really captures the messages well. It has really cool features like stories and moments that could be posted by anyone. People may use this to promote their business too by uploading a story and a link to their website!”.

The app allows the users to maintain their privacy by not letting others see whether they have checked a message or not. If they don’t want others to know when they’re online, this app is a simple way to do that. It features a user-friendly interface that is quite easy to use. Once the app is installed, whenever the user will receive a message from one of the above-listed messenger apps, they will also receive the Hide-Blue Ticks or Last Seen notification. By clicking on that, they can have the freedom to read the message without the risk of letting others know or in worst cases, offending anyone by not replying.

With the Hide-Blue Ticks or Last Seen app, there is no need to remove internet connection or activate offline mode to browse or check a message. Using the app, the user can simply read chat messages invisibly and incognito as well as watch all the WhatsApp photos, videos and audio files without leaving the double blue check notice.

Hide-Blue Ticks or Last Seen app is recently updated to further improve the user experience. Within a short period of its launch, the app has received over 10,000 downloads from Android users all over the world. The size of the app is only 15 MB and is available for free download on Google Play store

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