Storeboard, the social network for businesses invites investors through

Storeboard is the innovative new platform, which is basically a social network platform for businesses where they can post videos, blogs, images, and products. It has recently launched a fundraiser campaign on to invite investors to become a part of the company that might be worth more than $5M in the future. The investors who fund up to the first $25K will invest in a SAFE (Future equity) with a valuation cap of $4M. There are several other perks for investors such as a subscription to “Step Inside the Store” for 1 year, T-shirts and Skype Tour of with its founder, David Waller.

Though Google provides all kinds of search results it is specifically focused on websites and not businesses. David Waller realized the same and went on to build a platform that would allow the businesses to sell products online and engage with customers more efficiently. The “Step Inside the Store” option on Storeboard will enable the retailers to post images of their store tagged with media and products for sale. The customers can simply scan shelves to buy products.

Just like there are specific sites for finding hotels, restaurants, jobs and even food, Storeboard provides an opportunity for small businesses to create an appealing online store to let their customers browse and purchase products. The platform is backed by the advisory and expertise of Napster and MySpace founders. Over 380,000 businesses are currently on Storeboard and more than 12,000 new businesses sign up every month. The platform features active users from over 70 countries and since the time of its launch, Storeboard has been cited in over 100 articles and a top site for promoting a business.

Like most social networks, targets a specific demographic, in this case, it is small businesses. All kinds of small-scale businesses including start-ups have registered with, not only for networking but to generate leads, managing their contacts, advertisement and boosting their sales.

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