The Nation’s Leading LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Helps Business Owners Use LinkedIn To Generate Sales Leads, Contacts, And Connections For Rapid Business Growth

The Nation's Leading LinkedIn Lead Generation Service Helps Business Owners Use LinkedIn To Generate Sales Leads, Contacts, And Connections For Rapid Business Growth

Elisa B. Bennett, LinkedIn “Leads You Love”
After searching near and far, for a completely hands-off LinkedIn lead generation service, to help businesses grow rapidly through professional networks, we found the one and only Elisa B. Bennett, and are sharing this important program news.

Up until a year ago, the thought of a LinkedIn lead generation service was not a thought in most business owner’s minds because of a heavy focus on traditional marketing being the lay of the land for the past 50+ years, and with Internet marketing now being the “new marketing” standard of the 21st Century, it is only right that such a service would exist.

However, is it a real service that helps business owners grow their organizations?

We reached out to various LinkedIn Lead Specialists and found some who offered great coaching and consulting programs for businesses who want to train their staff to generate sales leads and contacts, but we never ran into a provider who offered a service that is 100% done for the Client.

Until we ran into Elisa B. Bennett of EB Bennett Media, and we discovered she offers the Nation’s leading LinkedIn lead generation service, as well as coaching and consulting for the DIY types.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that her approach is to use LinkedIn to position one’s brand and profile summary as a solution-based profile offering amazing benefits on specific services and help one get connected to the right people within organizations who actually want what one has to offer.

And the best part is, this LinkedIn lead generation service is 100% hands-off.

Finally, business owners can wake up to a weekly stream of 5-10 HOT sales leads, contacts, and new connections to real people who want their services, and simultaneously one can watch their LinkedIn connections grow substantially, and for those who act on Elisa’s amazing coaching advice regarding a Content Strategy for 2021, Clients can watch their LinkedIn followers count rise over time until finally, one has a rapid-growth enterprise filled with those who anxiously want and need one’s help.

As if that isn’t enough, Elisa B Bennett, also offers an advanced LinkedIn lead generation service where she and her team will follow up on the leads, and book them for appointments, and even close them, depending on the Client’s budget and needs.

Sky High Media, better known as iRankFast, a Local SEO provider in Colorado, who has utilized Elisa B. Bennett’s LinkedIn lead generation service for the past 2 years, had this to say, 

“When we met Elisa, we had 13 connections on our LinkedIn account and barely drummed up four sales leads per week. Then after hiring her for the LinkedIn lead generation service, and followed her advice regarding content strategy, and emailing users outside of LinkedIn, our daily intake of sales leads grew dramatically from four per week to four per day, and has remained strong for the past year, with now 16,700 followers and 16,000 1st Degree C-Level connections and counting.”

Results are not typical! However, anyone with any degree of duplication on coaching and advice can accomplish what Sky High Media has and so many others who have hired Elisa B. Bennett for her leading LinkedIn lead generation service.

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