The Latest Technology in Facial Hair Removal Hits Toronto Clinic

A Toronto beauty clinic has launched the latest in laser technology for women looking for the best in facial hair removal treatments in the city.

Canada MedLaser is now using this state-of-the-art technology to give its clients a less painful, quicker and more efficient hair removal treatment.

A spokeswoman from the clinic said: “This technology means that our clients need fewer appointments to achieve their hair removal results than with other technologies on the market.”

“We offer the Candela Gentle Max hair removal system, which is far more efficient than IPL that is used in so many spas, clinics and beauty salons. Our system gives men and women a flawless, hairless face and had far less side effects that using IPL.”

“We are really excited to be offering this to your clients and anyone who is considering facial hair removal can contact us for a free consultation to ensure it is the right treatment for them.”

This type of facial hair removal uses the laser to target the damaged root of the hair. It uses the color or pigment of the hair and it removes hair for good.

The laser is able to differentiate between the skin and the hair, so it only targets root of the hair and leaves the stem behind. Over a few weeks, the skin will naturally push out the stem, leaving nothing in the root.

“The hair growing cycle is around four to six weeks, so we ask its clients to come back within that cycle so we can continue to target the hairs in their active growing stage. This is when the hair follicle has a full root for the treatment to target.”

“After each treatment customers notice less and less hair – usually around a 30 per cent reduction each time – and wonderful smooth skin left behind. We ask clients to come back for several sessions as we don’t know which hairs are at which stage of growth. It would normally take five to eight sessions to get the very best results and our clients are left free of hair on their faces. It has been a huge hit and we have some very happy customers,” she added.

Before the treatment, the highly trained beauty technicians are wiping the client’s face with witch hazel. Everyone in the room will wear protective eye wear to shield the eyes from the laser. The eyewear is disinfected after every client. The beauty technician will hold the skin that is being targeted taut before they use the laser on that targeted area.

The treatment will take around three to five minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated.

About Canada MedLaser Inc.

Canada MedLaser is a luxury beauty clinic that offers a range of treatments from laser hair removal to CoolSculpting, Botox, fillers and a whole range of skin treatments. There are six clinics across the greater Toronto area.

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