The inspiring journey of Saudi Arabian fashion photographer Lina Mo

Inspired by everyday life on the streets of Jeddah, Lina Mo captures the beautiful moments that exude a sense of brilliance. Known for combining fashion photography and experimentation with the surrounding elements, Lina Mo is among the professional female photographers from the Middle East who are on the rise in the 21st century.

Born in Jeddah, Lina Mo started amateur photography in 2010. After receiving her degree in software engineering, she started experimenting with her DSLR camera. Later, she discovered her passion for photography and took it as her career in the mid-2010s. Lina Mo’s images captured the attention of multiple prominent publications in Saudi Arabia and her works appeared in various magazines including Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Destination, Grazia, Marie Claire, Vice and many more. She has worked with various local and international celebrities including Marshmello, Mariah Carey, Mohammed Abdu, Rabeh Sager, Sherine and others.

Her artistic strength has the ability to transform an ordinary moment into a magnificent image. Lina Mo’s photos present the human elements blended with the urban modern environment. She constantly focuses on presenting vivid images of Saudi culture and diversity through her art. Her work extensively explores simple street life in a way that is hyper-real and full of stories.

Lina Mo is one of the top sought-after fashion photographers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her curiosity permits her to capture subtle fashion images with intricate detailing of various aspects of fashion photography. In early 2020, Lina Mo shot the cover of Under The Abaya, a collection of images that represent fashion as a sign of freedom. Lina Mo’s photography was praised by various media outlets including Harper’s Bazaar who stated that the images succeeded in demystifying the way the world views women from Saudi Arabia.

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