Mom-of-Three Reveals the Secrets of Tea for Babies and Moms

Mom-of-Three Reveals the Secrets of Tea for Babies and Moms
A mom-of-three has created a whole range of special organic and herbal teas for babies, moms and the whole family – Catnip Tea, Valerian Tea, Lactation Tea, Stress relief tea and more.

A mom-of-three has created a whole range of special organic and herbal teas for babies, moms and the whole family.

Samah Bensalem was inspired to set up Secrets of Tea after her grandmother passed on an old family baby herbal tea recipe that helped her baby daughter with colic. The results were so amazing, so Samah decided she wanted to share the recipe with other moms.

Now Samah has created a whole range of teas to help moms, babies and everyone else through every eventuality – disturbed sleep, stress, colic, constipation, morning sickness, breastfeeding and much more.

Organic Tea

Samah said: “Having babies who don’t sleep well or little ones in pain due to health issues like colic or constipation can be a huge stress on everyone. I know, because I went through it. When I found this family recipe and it worked, I couldn’t believe it. I just had to share it with other moms and look where we are now. It is just wonderful to hear how these teas are helping moms and babies all over.”

Samah ships her teas to moms and babies across the world. It was the flagship Babies’ Magic Tea that kicked off the company. It is a special blend that was created to help babies with disrupted sleep due to tummy problems, colic, gas or constipation.

Then there came Baby Sleep Tea, which contains organic lemon balm, organic linden flower, organic and purified Florence fennel, organic and purified Iranian cumin.

Catnip Tea was created to help babies sleep through by easing any digestive problems. Valerian Tea is one for every sleep deprived person. It contains camomille, lavender, spearmint, peganum harmala, valerian root, lemon balm, rose hips, licorice and helps mom to get to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Samah also designed lactation teas to help increase the quantity and quality of mother’s milk for women who are breastfeeding. The difference between her nursing teas and other lactation teas is huge, Samah finally broke the myth of moms having to suffer and force themselves to drink nursing teas because of the taste, Secrets Of Tea lactation teas are available in many delicious flavors, such as fruits, lemon grass and many more.

Tea for Nausea was created to help women going through morning sickness and the Pregnancy Safe Tea was designed to give moms a caffeine free, organic and healthy drink that they could still enjoy.

Stress relief tea was created by Samah to help mom’s keep calm and stay relaxed during and after pregnancy. This one contains lavender, rooibos, chamomile flowers, ginger, rose hips, lemon peel and lemon balm.

Samah calls her collection of tea ‘maternal secrets’ – designed for moms, dads, babies and children from pregnancy all the way through to early childhood.

All Secrets of Tea products are created with certified USDA organic ingredients, no preservatives and no caffeine so they are gentle for mom and baby. They are also halal and kosher certified and they are dairy, gluten and soy free.

About Secrets of Tea

Secrets of Tea was set up by mom of three Samah Bensalem after she found an old family recipe helped her baby daughter with colic. Samah went on to create a whole range of natural and organic teas to help moms and babies with their health and sleep.  

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