The Iconic Church: Changing what the World thinks an ICON should be.

The Iconic Church: Changing what the World thinks an ICON should be.
There is no superior race or culture. The Iconic Church welcomes everyone with open arms. Join today to be part of a soul-cleansing spiritual journey.

Rancho Cordova, California – God’s Purpose for the Church is to be Living Icons for His Kingdom.

The Iconic Church is an advocate of marketplace ministry that promotes connection and provides an open place for organizations, civic groups, and individuals who are working to make a difference. The Iconic Church believes in building a foundation that is rooted and established in Jesus Christ and has been called to the Greater Sacramento area to be a catalyst for drawing people to the Body of Christ. At Iconic Church, people from all walks of life, i.e. social classes, denominations, cultures, and backgrounds, are wholeheartedly welcomed to be part of the worship of embracing the Sovereignty of the Almighty.

Pastor Terry and Lady Joyce share a mutual vision of building a community whose members live in a specific area known as “The Body of Christ” and are willing to “Take up their cross” and follow Jesus. Being true to their services to the church, they believe God has invited them to construct a church that reflects His image and likeness and His earthly kingdom. No cultural, racial, or social barriers exist. They believe in marketplace ministry and desire the church to be everywhere their foot sets.

The Pastor’s astounding story of the spiritual connection has a special message for all Christ-followers. It all started with the calamity of his mother’s death in 2017; Pastor Terrence Higgs, more widely known as Pastor Terry, recognized his call to Pastor. It was an instant realization. The Lord began to communicate to Pastor Terry about the plan for his life and prompted him to migrate with his family to the Bay Area in Northern California. Pastor Terry feels the call was expressly intended for him to hear from God and grow closer to him than he had ever been. It’s what he refers to as his “wilderness experience.” It was revealed to Pastor Terry via this experience that he had to envision “The Iconic Church,” which was confirmed by God and the Honorable Bishop Michael D. McClure Sr and Lady Angela Woods McClure of Revelation Church Ministries in Birmingham, Alabama, on June 6, 2021.

Regarding a life-transforming process, he shared: ‘Before passing away, my mother whispered to me, You are called to be a Preacher; I struggled to understand it then but soon realized after she left. May we all hear the call to the right path.’

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