The Holistic Sanctuary to Open Second Healing Center (Location Will Be Made Public Soon)

The Holistic Sanctuary, a reliable addiction treatment center focused on saving millions of lives through evidence-based treatment, announces the opening of their second location (Location Will Be Made Public Soon). This Facility will accommodate 30 clients and employ 100 staff when fully opened.

“We at Holistic Sanctuary are super excited to offer our second location. This will serve the demands of households throughout the world. Heroin and opioid epidemic have ravaged every community. Our study shows that there’s a strong demand for an effective treatment. When fully operational, we will give the widest scope of treatment services available,“ says Johnny Tabaie CEO/ Founder.

In accordance to this event, Holistic Sanctuary has begun their private clinical trials and will be providing the FDA evidence and hard facts to prove they are saving lives and saving patients with their unique Holistic Organic Natural and Effective healing system the Pouyan Method.

Why Second Location?

Due to the overwhelming demand for our unique protocol, we are opening the second location that will be more affordable.  The Price will be almost half the cost from our main location. So we are offering this location to make it more attainable for the masses.

The Holistic Sanctuary will be offering the most powerful, holistic, natural, and very efficient techniques to people facing trauma, addictions, PTSD, depression, and other serious physical, mental, and spiritual health problems. They have mastered the technique of plant healing, like Ibogaine and Ayahuasca, and they use them in their unique treatment technique called Pouyan Method for complete healing.

Holistic Sanctuary is a licensed 5-star luxury treatment center global company which provides the Pouyan Method along with “Sacred Plant Medicine” and the care protocol that includes a lifetime guarantee.

The Holistic Sanctuary has been in the business for a decade now. In fact, in time span of existence, the company has evolved their system and taken treatment to new level. Now, the company is known worldwide as a pioneer of the cure and treatment for most mental wellbeing, physical, and spiritual problems. They treat the whole being by healing the mind, body and spirit.

Their exclusive and proprietary Pouyan Method is not like other types of treatment method for healing addiction.  They own the patent and intellectual property rights to this fantastic healing protocol. They utilize a powerful, effective holistic protocol to heal patients from the inside. This is done without drugs or disease model maintenance medications. The Pouyan Method is a prevalent method for treating addiction, PTSD, eating disorders and depression. It is a deep level of healing which helps take the brain back to its normal or pre-addicted condition.

Holistic Offer Detox Protocols and Ancient Plant Medicine Technology with 5-Star Luxury Accommodations

How does Holistic Sanctuary cure and heal their patients? First thing is don’t conduct a group session, they don’t provide talk therapy, and don’t give patient toxic drugs. They don’t believe these outdated and ineffective model techniques works. Science shows them they don’t work, so they have made and upgraded old scientific based method and innovative technique to make the first reliable system which works.

The Pouyan Method takes account of proprietary five to seven hours of powerful IV drip that contained patented Brain Repair formula. This formula targets and fix repair specific parts of the brain. This formula is ideal for those looking for effective treatment for PTSD, depression, addiction, alcoholism, and trauma. What is more, the Holistic Sanctuary combines ancient plant medicine into their system, and they have plant treatment down to a science.

The Holistic Sanctuary isn’t a one-size-fits-all seven-day detox clinic or typical treatment center, and they aren’t in competition with other treatment centers available out there.

Why Choose The Holistic Sanctuary

Daily one on one Treatments Include: 9 hours of custom therapy per day

  • You Get Daily Body Work/Massage Therapy
  • You Get Daily Yoga and Meditation
  • You Get Daily Sessions of pure oxygen HBOT
  • You Get Daily NAD, IV drips (Proprietary Formulas, 5-7 hours per day
  • You Get Daily Dead Seas Salt Baths
  • You Get Daily Carbon Infrared Sauna Sessions

The Holistic Sanctuary is also planning to open three more location in the next 18 months; this is due to high demand in this kind of treatment. They are also planning to expand their Beverly Hills California USA location to serve more people needing effective but very powerful treatment. Future locations also include Tulum Mexico, UK, and Asia.

The Holistic Sanctuary also filed for worldwide patents and will be bring this effective healing therapy to transform the industry and birth the new paradigm. At the same time the company will expose the corrupt world of the horrific and ineffective drug rehab industry. The world will soon see how they must stop hurting people with their toxic medications, outdated talk therapy sessions, and toxic GMO foods/diet.  They offer only Holistic Medicine, Alternative Medicine, and Ancient Plant Medicine.

The testimonials of their previous clients who had a thriving experience at their luxury treatment center are proof of the effectivity of their unusual approach:

About The Holistic Sanctuary:

The Holistic Sanctuary is on a mission to help save people lives, by providing excellent and effective treatment to people suffering from drug and alcohol substance and disorders. The Holistic Sanctuary aim is to make the cure and care for drug addiction and other disorders as accessible and affordable as any other illness. With proven natural treatment, every patient is given the best standard of care and is healed with dignity, love, and respect.

For more information about The Holistic Sanctuary investor relations and new location, please feel free to contact us at +1-310-601-7805 or visit their website at

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