Carmel, the Decentralized Tech Education Platform for New Software Developers

Carmel is a newly launched tech education created for people who want to acquire the technical skills required to become professional software developers.

Because Carmel is developed on Blockchain technology, the interactions on the platform aren’t intermediated by third parties; Learners and teachers connect to work directly with each other. The decentralized approach further incentivizes learners who can track their progress through tokenized challenges.

The Carmel team have developed a new educational model based on their lengthy experience in the software industry. Users will engage in a hands-on micro-learning approach that is self-directed, peer-driven and story based.

This educational model is centered around Carmel Challenges created by experienced software developers in the community (the teachers). Carmel Challenges contain validation codes that confirm when learners have completed tasks successfully. As learners complete the assigned challenges they gain Experience Points, which, in time, can help them find work or participate on the Carmel platform as teachers.

People who want careers as software developers can start learning by completing challenges, while existing developers who want to share their knowledge, and earn money, participate by creating new challenges.

The platform’s developers provide the learner-user with a comfortable and interesting learning experience while keeping them engaged with gamified learning modules.

Learners can choose to use the platform to improve their technical skills by purchasing new challenges using Carmel tokens. In this manner, the platform forms a self-sustainable ecosystem consisting of learners who want to gain experience as software developers and teachers/experienced developers who use Carmel to teach, create, and audit challenges in exchange for tokens.

Unlike traditional learning platforms, Carmel is also supported by a Blockchain app which carries a public record of all the Carmel Challenge transactions. In addition to the transparency Blockchain technology offers, the platform’s users can easily track their progress as learners or as teachers.

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