The Government of India implemented the Indian e-Visa in 2014 for foreigners to visit India for tourism, business, and medical purposes

The electronic travel authorization was implemented by the Indian Government in 2014 for eligible countries. Citizens of all those countries are eligible to use Indian e-visa to enter India for tourism, business and medical purposes. India e-Visa is a travel document that can be issued online. It is designed to serve the same purpose as a paper visa. Indian Visa is a mandatory travel document for all foreigners entering the country. Applying for an ordinary paper visa requires a lot of effort and time.

With the online method of Visa application via, everything can be simplified. With this e-Visa application process, there’s no need to visit an embassy or any other offices. Applicants can easily complete the visa application process in just few minutes from their home without much effort. An e-Visa is received through an email, so it can be considered the best user-friendly and fast method.

Indian Visa for Japanese citizens

Indian e-Visa for Japanese citizens is valid for arrival at designated airports and seaports only. Japanese citizens can enjoy the fast entry facility by using an Indian e-Visa. Applicants can visit to apply for an Indian e-Visa. By choosing this method of Visa application, individuals can complete the whole application procedure in just a few minutes. Applicants can easily upload documents, and pay the application fee to complete the visa application process. After verifications, they will receive an e-Visa directly to their email.

Indian Visa for Latvian citizens

Latvia was a launch member of the Indian e-Visa program; thus, their citizen is eligible for a fast entry facility. Depending on the type of Visa, Latvian citizens are eligible to apply for an India visa online for up to five years and can utilize an e-Visa for 180-day continuous and uninterrupted entry into the country. Since it is a multiple entry Visa, Latvian Citizens can make frequent visits to India. Latvian citizens can use Indian Visa Online to visit India for tourism, medical or business visits.

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