DJ Leono Announces Release of Unheard, His Debut Electronic Music Album Laced with Soundtracks of Exceptional Rhythm and Vibe

Unheard is DJ Leono’s first musical album, and it offers a collection of songs that are completely fresh and unlike anything else out there

Determination, focus, and resilience are essential to achieving one’s goals, desires, and aspirations. Regardless of the area of human endeavor, to be successful, these three keys must be part and parcel of one’s pursuit. This is true in the life of DJ Leono, who is a super talented DJ and sound producer. Leono recently discovered a path in music and began to thread it diligently and today, he is pleased to announce the launch of his debut music album, Unheard. The album is a perfect blend of smooth and chill beats with uplifting rhythms. It is an 11-track album that has the perfect lineup of soundtracks to listen to while driving, working out, chilling at home, or partying with friends.

The title of the album, Unheard, was not chosen because the artist thought it would be catchy but rather to express what every track on this album conveys.It is an effortless, yet sophisticated body of work that captures the soul and spirit of today’s generation—a mixture of pop and hip-hop influences with electronic elements. The album is composed of eleven original tracks that showcase his unique ability to fuse genres and create a sound that is unparalleled in today’s music industry.

“I did not know what house music meant until during the pandemic,” explained DJ Leono. “After discovering a DJ console, I developed a passion for music and began mastering the art. The idea of the Unheard album came when I felt it was cool to offer people who love house music a compilation of perfectly mastered songs. With this project, I wanted to share with everyone how much I love house music and my passion for it.”

Unheard by DJ Leono is an album that boldly experiments with sounds, because it has a message to convey. It’s a work of elegance and intelligence—and one that will definitely be placed on repeat. The songs on the album include:

  1. End of Summer
  2. Unheard
  3. The Story Begins
  4. No Limit
  5. Escape
  6. My Name is Leono
  7. All In
  8. A Better World
  9. Into the Portal
  10. The Final Battle
  11. To Be Continued

Music lovers, especially those who are fans of electronic and house music will appreciate Unheard by DJ Leono. The album is already out and can be streamed via YouTube or on the artist’s official website. To stream Unheard, please visit or

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