The Frontline: A Kickstarter Campaign for a Documentary Drama

Aspiring Filmmaker Challenges Legal Status of Non-Profit Multi-Billion Dollar Hospitals During COVID-19 Pandemic & Their Budgets.

Aspiring filmmaker Emanuel Bryant and business associate Matt Santi are in predevelopment of a dramatic documentary about nurses on the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic. The duo has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for the project’s preproduction, production, and distribution. Multibillion dollar hospitals have a legal non-profit status yet run like multi-billion-dollar-a-year businesses.

Even though hospital administration says they have to manage costs, they have enough money to not provide frontline nurses with enough personal protection equipment (PPE) during COVID. Bryant asks this central question, “Who takes care of the nurses when they get sick?” This documentary details the stories of frontline heroes during COVID who had to ration PPE, wear garbage bags, reuse disposable one-time-use masks, and be mandated to attend work or face termination even when sick.

Emanuel Bryant speaks from personal experience as a former ER Nurse. “During the Swine Flue Pandemic, we ran out of gloves. I asked the hospital administration to purchase more in advance. I was advised the next order would arrive in 4-6 weeks. This answer did not sit well with me. I asked to expedite the order and was told no. They had to manage the budget. I went to the local drugstore near the hospital and found gloves on the shelves. I purchased everything they had and brought them back. Hospital management asked where I found these, and I told them what I had done. My manager directed me never to tell anyone, or I would face termination for going through a third-party source. This is just one example of hospital management’s many shortcuts to pad their bottom line. What I want to know is – Why? Why do they care about making so much money when they are legally considered a non-profit? Do they not care about the health and safety of the frontline workers?”

Emanuel Bryant, an aspiring filmmaker, producer, and former ER nurse wants to use film the realworld stories that nurses from the frontline had to face during COVID. He read articles about nurses in New York City having to wear garbage bags and reuse disposal masks because the hospitals claimed it was too expensive to get rush orders on the personal protective equipment. For all media inquiries and to receive more information about The Frontline, go to

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