“The Fibromyalgia-TMJ Connection: How Your Jaw, Teeth, Airway, and Meridians Affect Your Symptoms” by Linda Faye Harris

Are you suffering from fibromyalgia? Have you been searching, unsuccessfully, for ways to heal from your pain? Linda Harris, the author of The Fibromyalgia-TMJ Connection, has personally experienced the pain of fibromyalgia, but she got better.

Most books on fibromyalgia today focus on medical treatment, but there is another avenue that can address those symptoms. In this book, Linda opens up what might be a world new world for fibromyalgia sufferers: that of dental treatment as a path to recovery.

According to the American Dental Association, TMD (temporal mandibular joint dysfunction) is prevalent in approximately 34% of the adult population. Children can also have TMD. The problem is very significant because the vast majority of dentists, medical doctors and specialists receive no training in this important disorder that affects so many patients. Linda wrote this book on TMD and cranio-facial pain in order to help patients understand the problem, and learn that they can get treatment.

After suffering fibromyalgia and migraine headaches herself, Linda found the secret to the root cause of her problem: her TMJ (temporalmandibular jaw), a compromised airway, and a bite that was off. Once these problems were addressed, her symptoms disappeared and she regained her health. And she is confident that you can too!

The Fibromyalgia-TMJ Connection is available on Amazon and to connect with Linda Harris go to fibromyalgiasecret.blogspot.com


Canada Amazon.ca link – https://www.amazon.ca/Fibromyalgia-TMJ-Connection-Airway-Meridians-Symptoms/dp/B0CFWSCLTY

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