International Centre for Trade Transparency (ICTTM) Signs Significant Memorandum of Understanding with the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

International Centre for Trade Transparency (ICTTM) Signs Significant Memorandum of Understanding with the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC)

London, United Kingdom – In a move symbolizing mutual commitment towards fostering greater trade transparency and strengthening international economic ties, the International Centre for Trade Transparency (ICTTM) is delighted to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the US-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). The agreement was finalized on the 21st of August 2023.

Representing the ICTTM were the Honorable David Wells, Chairman, and James York, CEO. The USUBC was represented by Denys Yatsyshyn, Director of Corporate Relations.

The collaboration between ICTTM and USUBC aims to address barriers to trade, supply chain compliance, traceability, and transparency. This partnership is expected to provide both entities with the necessary tools and resources to “de-risk” the supply chain and ensure seamless trade operations between global partners.

James York, CEO of ICTTM, remarked, “This MOU not only solidifies our dedication to enhancing international trade practices but also our commitment to work with esteemed partners such as the USUBC. We are thrilled to collaborate and further the goals of transparency, efficiency, and innovation in the field of international commerce.”

Denys Yatsyshyn, on behalf of the USUBC, added, “The partnership with ICTTM reflects our shared vision of a future where trade barriers are minimized and global businesses thrive in a transparent, efficient, and innovative ecosystem. We are confident this agreement will pave the way for countless opportunities and milestones in the future.”

This collaboration is envisioned to offer a wealth of benefits to businesses, ranging from providing access to invaluable trade data and insights to fostering an environment conducive to global trade growth. Both entities are excited about the myriad possibilities this MOU will unlock and are eager to commence their joint efforts.

About ICTTM:

The International Centre for Trade Transparency Limited (ICTTM) stands at the forefront of fostering transparency and adherence to compliance within the realm of international trade. The organisation is deeply engaged in the creation and deployment of innovative AI-driven tools, meticulously designed to analyze and navigate global supply chains.

The ICTTMs sophisticated technology is instrumental in pinpointing various risk factors within supply chains. These include potential areas of fraud, diversions in the supply chain, payment and supplier risks, sanctions liabilities, threats linked to environmental catastrophes, and violations of human rights. Furthermore, ICTTM’s tools extend beyond risk management. They are crafted to map the complex landscape of supply chains, assist companies in discovering untapped markets, predict trends in market growth and stability, and ascertain the specific requirements needed for products to penetrate diverse markets around the world.

Through their unwavering commitment to technological advancement and innovation, ICTTM is not only responding to the current demands of global trade but actively shaping its future, ensuring a more transparent, secure, and efficient international trade ecosystem.

About USUBC:

Established in October 1995, the U.S.-Ukraine Business Council (USUBC) stands as a pivotal organization championing the advancement of U.S. companies’ trade and investment interests in Ukraine’s emerging market. Driven by a commitment to fortify bilateral ties, USUBC actively promotes improved conditions for trade and investment, ensuring U.S. business perspectives are represented in policy formulations and fostering understanding within Ukrainian sectors. Additionally, the Council fosters direct engagements between its members and leading Ukrainian entities to maximize trade and investment opportunities, while maintaining close collaboration with other organizations focused on augmenting the U.S.-Ukraine commercial relationship. The USUBC operates under its legal status as an incorporated entity.

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