The Chain Belongs To Consumable Material And Needs To Be Replaced Regularly

The chain belongs to the transmission element and is consumable. It needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. When the sprocket needs to be replaced, the old sprocket needs to be removed and replaced with a new one. Professionals are required to operate the sprocket. The sprocket factory will also give the corresponding equipment operation Suggestions for different products, which will be used for reference when the sprocket equipment is carried out for users. Sprocket wheel factory for different equipment to process the production of different types of standard sprocket finished products, its structural performance is fundamentally suppressed, the equipment method is also similar. When we choose sprocket to pay attention to choose and equipment matching sprocket, ability to ensure smooth equipment and normal use.

Tighten with a tightening device. When the center distance is not adjustable, use the tensioning wheel. The tensioning wheel is generally pressed on the loose side near the small wheel. Tensioning wheels may be sprocket wheels or toothless roller wheels. The diameter of the tensioning wheel should be similar to that of the small sprocket wheel. The diameter of the roller is slightly small, the width should be about 5mm wider than the chain, and commonly used bakelwood clip manufacturing. The tensioning equipment of tensioning wheel has two kinds: active tensioning type and timing tensioning type. The former multi-purpose spring, lifting weight and other active tensioning equipment; The latter USES bolts, eccentricity and other adjustment equipment. In addition, there are supporting plate, pressing plate tensioning.

A lot of experiments have been done on the fatigue performance of the chain at home and abroad, which undoubtedly plays an important role in guiding the product design and manufacturing. At the same time, I also noticed the study on the distribution rules of fatigue life of the chain, but limited to a variety of reasons, these studies are not in-depth and systematic, but the analysis of fatigue fracture. 

For open gear transmission or closed gear transmission with dirty lubricating oil, due to the relative sliding between meshing tooth surfaces, some hard abrasive particles enter into the conflict surface, which changes the tooth profile and increases the side gap, so that the gear is excessively thin, leading to tooth breakage. In general, as long as in the lubricating oil mixed with abrasive particles, it will cause tooth surface abrasive wear in operation.

In the transmission of gears with high speed and heavy load, due to the large conflict force between the tooth surfaces and the large relative speed, the temperature of the meshing area is too high. Once the lubrication condition is not good, the oil film between the tooth surfaces will disappear, making the metal surface of the two gear teeth directly touch, so as to bond with each other. When the two tooth surfaces continue to move relative to each other, the harder tooth surface will tear some data of the softer tooth surface along the sliding direction to form groove.

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