Kailaien Shares The Tips To Pick A Backpack

As people all know, handbags are popular with women.

When people go shopping, how do they choose bags with high cost performance?

To determine the size of a backpack, or the size of a backpack, people usually use liters, but some countries also use CU IN as a unit (1000 cubic inches is about 16 liters).Below 45L: This capacity is suitable for ladies’ use and 1 to 2 days of camping and hiking in good weather during warm seasons.It can also be used for activities around the base camp or as a climbing bag.50-70 litre: can support longer trips and hikes in spring, summer and fall. Can load tents and other equipment and more warm clothes and food. This capacity is more choice.70-95 litres: If a man and decide to buy only one bag, he can choose from this range.This capacity should be adequate for all winter equipment and is also suitable for long, long trips. Above 95 litres: These high-capacity packs are ideal for long periods of outdoor activity and travel, especially winter expeditions and expeditions to the snowy mountains, as well as for backpacking supplies to base camp.Or a very strong person carries the main gear to lead a few girls.

In fact, the appearance of a backpack is diverse, but its types are basically divided into external backpack, built-in backpack and external backpack with independent body.The features of the external type are that the inclusion body is easy to be separated and adjusted.Its disadvantage is that it is too heavy, not as close to the back as the built-in load.The backpack is controversial, but there’s no denying that it’s comfortable to carry a heavy load.The advantage of built-in is light weight and good fit;Disadvantages are not adjustable, lighter load, in addition to the use of this system to carry small bags are mostly soft.External inclusion is not separated from the backpack is actually a body, this kind of carrying is more comfortable, the weight is reduced a lot, the load is relatively high.To put it simply, for less difficult load crossing, people can choose an adjustable backpack with external carrying system;For high load crossing, choose a backpack with a built-in carrying system that is not adjustable.

The details of a backpack refer to the external points, ice axe rings, net bags side bags, water pockets, etc., depending on people use.If the zipper has a waterproof strip, similar to the strip in the jacket, there is no need to worry about getting wet when it rains.If the backpack has the advantages of padded shoulders, thick and light belt, and compartments inside the backpack, then it must be a good and satisfying backpack.

Observe the fabric of the backpack. The backpack has an outer surface and an inner surface. The fabric is not the same.The better outer surface material is the waterproof coating. people can pass the drip test when people choose the backpack. The water will slip on the cloth, but the rain will still seep in if people stay in the rain for a long time.The better inner surface material is PU waterproof film. people can observe whether there is smooth and glossy waterproof film in the lining of the backpack when choosing. This film can make water stay on the outer surface of the backpack and cannot penetrate into the inside.

There are many styles of backpacks. Backpack and shoulder bag are all optional attributes. Here people can choose the styles of backpacks according to peopler preferences.A backpack is a practical choice, while a one-shoulder bag is trendy.

Relatively, backpacks of well-known brands are of better quality and more considerate service than those of non-well-known brands. Therefore, it is a better choice to choose backpacks of well-known brands.

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