The Bright Future of Airwheel C Series – Sport Intelligent Helmets

Airwheel is a noted electric scooter-maker, whose products have clear target customers. Airwheel positions its products in a right and wise way. Of late, Airwheel has released another two wearable equipment C6 & C8 intelligent helmets.

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As we know, the target customer is a new concept in the study of marketing, but it is of extreme importance. If one product target wrong customer group, it is highly likely that the plan of marketing will fall through. The failure follows. The customer base of Airwheel smart helmets is quite extensive.

smart helmets

The three wearable equipment also targets precisely. C5, the first helmet camera is to provide the public a protective gear. C6 is made for the motorcycle riders and C8 for the cycling racers. Being the first model of the wearable device by Airwheel, Airwheel C5 sports camera can be adequately hailed as a success, meeting the practical and recreational purposes. It is manifest that Airwheel C5 is a good start for the future development of Airwheel wearable equipment.

C8 racing helmet

At the beginning of 2017, Airwheel released C6 open face helmet and C8 full face helmet, on the basis of C5. For those who are into music and sport, Airwheel intelligent helmets are their blessing. Wearing them, they could listen to music as they steer any kind of vehicle. With Airwheel intelligent helmets, they do not need headphone. It will be convenient for them. To keep a record for the riding experience in no times, do you have better solutions? It is difficult to use mobile phones to take videos and this is not allowed on account of safety. Airwheel C5, C6 and C8 are all equipped with a 2K resolution camera for riders to record the wonderful moments in life.

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Meanwhile, the breathing light on the back of C6 cool motorcycle helmet can be alarmed in dark environment or night riding. C8 racing helmet chooses high quality materials featuring by excellent moisture absorption and perspiration function and is elaborately produced, allowing users to enjoy excellent wearing experience. In a word, with various functions and clear target consumers, Airwheel C series of smart helmets are going to usher a bright future.

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