May Harnish published a new book “When Millionaires Disregard Us”

“They say: don’t try to meet somebody, better become somebody. They say: don’t believe your past, believe your future. They say: it is important where you finish, not where you start. But it is also important where you have been on the way.”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – February 8, 2017 – It was announced today that May Harnish launched a new book: “When Millionaires disregard Us”. It is a set of 8 stories published in Amsterdam in January 2017 centered on the joys and challenges of life and devoted to adventurous people looking for their place in life in various ways. May suggests to entertain oneself with reading while enjoying another 5 o’clock cocktail.


“In real life (and the stories are based on real life), there are good and bad; many people look good but are bad inside while some prefer to think they are very bad, but still they remain at least a little bit good.” – said May Harnish.

More reasons to pay attention to “When Millionaires Disregard Us” are explained by the fact that the book is more about how to live well, staying cool and compromising between love and hate than just a love story.

“We flattened the market by producing 7 billion of us. Most of those who are able to dream imagine very simple matters. And those who dream high hardly will ever get a chance to follow their dreams. Life introduces its rules to all of us. And since we do not dare to create the rules ourselves, we have to accept the existing rules.”

The author intended these stories to be reader friendly and presented them as a kind of “easy café reading”.

About The Author: May

May Alexandra Harnish who calls herself “just another humble girl” tried herself quite successfully in academic writing. May is in her 30s. She has been working in international relations sphere for few years and she is professionally connected with public diplomacy and favorable image of state promotion.

One day she decided to write some fiction about everyday modern life of young professionals in the city with modern priorities and high expectations (Amsterdam). She finds pleasure in writing short stories about life, love, and affection, adding a certain dose of adventure in everyday reality and the various ways to find one’s place in life.  

Currently, May is based in the Dutch Antilles and works on the novel about political cynicism.

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