The Book “Live Illuminati” Released

Sell Your Soul with Black Magick Spells

New York – 2 August, 2017 – Doktor Lucifer has announced the release of his book “Live Illuminati”. The book which is presently on sale on Amazon reveals the darkest secret of success for those who are actively seeking the light emanating from the illuminati portal. The book compliments his new music single released under the same title. In Live Illuminati: Sell Your Soul with Black Magick Spells, the world’s most powerful black magick spellcaster sheds light on the secret of how to follow the Light of the Illuminati Portal, and walk in the footsteps of the most powerful people on the planet.

Only Doktor Lucifer is brave enough to reveal the dark secrets of success. Occult writers and conspiracy theorists both agree that a special relationship exists between Lucifer and the Illuminati. However, no book has ever been written that sufficiently explains how Lucifer is the celestial gatekeeper of the Illuminati Portal used in the rituals of the Elite to establish contact with aliens more commonly known as Watchers. Doktor Lucifer sold his soul to Satan in a blood contract to function in the New Age of Illuminatiam as the most powerful black magick spell caster. Doktor Lucifer speaks with authority. He reveals everything that was purposefully left out of Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati, information which is not for everybody.

A reader of the book has this to say, “Live Illuminati: Sell Your Soul with Black Magick Spells” is unlike any book on the Illuminati that I have ever read. It did address Hollywood and the music industry, but more importantly, it gave the background of the Illuminati. It gave citations from historians regarding the Devil. The past was thoroughly interwoven with the present. It gives you a framework for actually joining the Illuminati (I would hope criteria would be to know the history of the organization)”.

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With the price at $6.66, Live Illuminati is a must read for those who are actively seeking the Light emanating from of the Illuminati Portal. The book was well-written with a smooth flow. The content was clear and cited numerous references. The book is written for those who have been waiting to know about illuminati for a long time, as most of the previous book did not treat the subject to the core. As a step-by-step guidebook, Live Illuminati will give its readers a lot to think about, but will not appeal to everyone as it does not sugar coat the reality of the topic.

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