The book ‘Change to US Presidential System of Government – Good for India’ by Kattoju Sitaramma Rao released

The book 'Change to US Presidential System of Government - Good for India' by Kattoju Sitaramma Rao released
When one finds a number of things going wrong, there is one crucial change one must make so that ‘Everything Falls in Place’. Therefore, the author strongly advocates that India should change to the presidential system of government, preferably on the USA model.

The book, published by White Falcon Publishing, covers the comparison between the Indian Parliamentary System of Government and the United States Presidential System of Government, the political events that took place from the time India gained Independence on August 15, 1947 to date, the present political situation and the fault-lines. Why India should change to the Presidential System of Government on the US model and how to carry out the change in a democratic and peaceful manner.

Further, the book suggests, how the media should play an important part in the democratic process by pitching the political candidates against one another in a discussion on various subjects connected with the country and the people to enable the voters to select the best for good governance.

The various subjects covered are – Economy, National Security and Homeland Security, Communal Harmony and Minority Rights, Climate Change and Environmental Protection.

The author retired from the Indian Army, after being on the battlefield three times – ‘Kutch Operations’ – April, 1965, on the Kutch-Pakistan border, ‘Indo-Pak War’ – September, 1965, on the Lahore front and ‘Indo-Pak War’ – December, 1971, on the Sialkot front [took part in the ‘Battle of Basantar’, on December 16, 1971]. He has also served in four high altitude forward operational areas, in J&K [Kargil and N&G Sector], Himachal – Tibet border [Shipkila Pass], Arunachal-Tibet border [Sela Pass] and Sikkim [Nathula Pass]. He looks back at his army career with pride, honour and glory.
Now, as a Citizen and Veteran, he cares for the country and is concerned about the future of the people of the country. During his post retired life – the author got into writing and ‘Change to US Presidential System of Government – Good for India’ is his fourth book.
Apart from being an Army parachutist, an Army pilot and flying instructor, and holding a civil commercial flying license, he plunged himself into aero sports – gliding, micro-light flying, hang gliding and para-sailing. Now, at the age of 77 and 1/2, he is no more active but gives consultation.He lives in Pune [India] with his wife and their daughter stays in New York.
He is a keen golfer and an animal lover.
The book is available for sale in India and internationally on Amazon channels – and

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