The Art of Dentistry Provides Dentures to Restore Smiles for Patients in Toronto and Surrounding Areas

Dentures are essentially artificial teeth and gums formed around your mouth to replace missing or removed natural teeth. Depending on the patient’s unique needs, dentures can be full or partial – custom designed to replace all teeth or just a few teeth in the mouth. They’re commonly used to restore smiles, but they have more purpose than appearance. In fact, they keep the structure of the mouth sound and enable the individual to keep their diet the same.

The Art of Dentistry specializes in providing dentures to restore smiles for patients in Toronto and surrounding areas. They know that dentures are incredibly helpful on a restorative and cosmetic level for individuals who have a compromised smile. When an individual is missing teeth, their confidence, diet, and nutrition are affected. In fact, those with missing teeth can end up with TMJ disorder, a condition wherein the jaw strains – resulting in pain or headaches.

Dr. Weiss understands that all patients have different needs when it comes to their teeth. He works with each patient to decide which type of denture makes the most sense to reach their outcome. They offer full dentures for patients missing all of their teeth, partial dentures for patients missing some teeth, and implant-supported dentures to ensure more stability while minimizing the risk of dentures moving out of place.

Dentures have become much more advanced and sophisticated throughout the years. Nowadays, dentures look more natural. Our team always enjoys working with patients to help them restore their smile, and as a result, feel more confident with better oral health. We’re here to help anyone struggling with missing teeth ensure their dentures are comfortable and functional.” – A key spokesperson said. 

The Art of Dentistry starts the process with 3-D imaging and impressions of each patient’s bite. This is used to create custom dentures that fit properly and feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Weiss and his team will work with individuals to ensure a good fit as time goes on and adjustments are needed. Their team is committed to helping all of their patients feel confident to smile as often as possible.

About the Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry is located in Yorkville. They serve patients throughout Toronto and surrounding areas with various cosmetic dentistry services, including but not limited to dentures. Their team is comprised of cosmetic dentistry professionals who are committed to patient satisfaction. Dr. Weiss, in particular, has experience, skills, and training that help his patients feel good working alongside him to restore their smiles. 

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