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“Oliver’s Harvest products”
Hemp products include:

• Oils and Tinctures
• Herbal Supplements
• Pain Creams
• Gummies and Honey Stix
• Pet products

Wellington, FL – Mar 19, 2019 – Oliver’s Harvest utilizes years in healthcare experience to develop unique CBD products.

Oliver’s Harvest is thrilled to announce its association with Mr Checkout Distributors to expand distributorship and consumers’ accessibility to its zero-THC hemp products. Managing anxiety, pain, sleeping issues, joint inflammation and many other health issues for consumers and their pets through natural CBD remedies may now become easier as more distributors are stocking Oliver’s Harvest products on their shelves. Being an offspring of companies with more than 30 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, Oliver’s Harvest produces CBD products to pharmacy-level standards. In addition to regular hemp products, it combines CBD with other therapeutic agents to bring extra-strength relief for specific conditions. Oliver’s Harvest also has a line of edible CBD products for a general wellness support.

“Our products are much more than CBD extract,” said Victor Velazco, CEO for Oliver’s Harvest. “We did extensive research on how CBD affects the human body and took an individual approach in developing every symptom-specific product. There are so many herbs that help to improve our health – imagine how much they can do when combined with CBD. Health is our most valuable asset and it is frustrating to observe how one-third of the adult population has anxiety issues, or how the opioid crisis persists in America. A recent study by Gallup showed that 78 percent of the adult population prefers to try other ways of pain management to prescribed pain medication; not a surprising fact, given there were more than 33,000 deaths from opioid overdose in 2015. Pain management does not have to turn lives upside down when there are alternative and natural options. A study of cannabis patients in Michigan in 2016 showed that medical cannabis use was associated with an overall 64 percent decrease in opioid use,” said Velazco. “We grow our hemp plant organically, control the production from soil to oil and stand with a pride behind the quality of every product we offer.’’

What are the hemp products and who are they for?

Oils and Tinctures are our most popular hemp products. They are fast-acting and may help with anxiety, inflammation, pain, sleeping issues and neuroprotection. These broad-spectrum CBD tinctures are fully void of THC, meaning they bring relief without posing any risks of THC sensitivity or detection in drug testing.

Herbal Supplements combine CBD with other therapeutic agents to bring a stronger action for specific symptom relief. Sleeping tablets combine CBD with melatonin to help those who have difficulties with falling and staying asleep. Daily Joint Support herbal supplements combine CBD with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) for long-term joint support and protection. For people who have diabetes, Oliver’s Harvest has developed Dia-Support, a unique supplement that may help to control blood sugar.

Pain Creams provide localized relief and reduce inflammation from within to suppress joint pain, nerve pain, back and neck pain, and muscle spasms. They have a nice fragrance, are not oily and are one of the best-selling products in the line. Pain Creams combine CBD with lidocaine or capsaicin, time-tested, fast-acting pain suppressors. Additionally, capsaicin and CBD provide neuroprotection, meaning they prevent further damage to nerves.

Gummies and Honey Stix are a tasty and fun way to consume hemp products, and promote general wellbeing and give an energy boost. Consumers use them as a healthy treat and energy snack to counter the effects of long or stressful days.

Pet products are developed to help our furry friends that are experiencing pain, anxiety, joint or appetite issues, or seizures, and provide overall health support. All Oliver’s Harvest products contain no THC to ensure there is no risk of drug sensitivity. Oliver’s Harvest pet tinctures are bacon flavored, so cats and dogs can enjoy this healthy addition to their food. Dogs’ favorite treat, however, is hemp-infused peanut butter treats. And Joint Support pills combine CBD with turmeric, glucosamine and other active ingredients for extra-strength joint protection.

An increasingly competitive market

As more and more people start trying CBD, hemp products are gaining broad recognition among consumers. Such a market environment creates an opening for low-quality products. Consumers should be aware of this and choose only responsible, trustworthy manufacturers, like Oliver’s Harvest. Oliver’s Harvest puts safety first and foremost. It grows the plant in the US in clean soil without any heavy metals, or the use of chemicals or pesticides. Oliver’s Harvest provides third-party lab reports for all of its products. “A high return rate of our customers tells us that we can be proud of our CBD products,” added Velazco.

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