The application of non-ionic polyacrylamide in wastewater treatment

Flocculent polyacrylamide, which is primarily cationic, anionic and non-ionic in the purification of water. The use of non-ionic polyacrylamide is not so broad among these types and producers have comparatively limited manufacturing capability and models. Polyacrylamide is a better flocculant for water treatment, meaning that solid particles can be adsorbed into the water so that they are agglomerated into a relative floc.

As polyacrylamide is a high molecular polymer, there are many uses of non-ionic flocculants in the water treatment industry. A certain number of polar genes will absorb suspended solid particles and bind the particles to create large flocs in the water in their molecular chain. It can speed up particulate sedimentation in suspension, speed up solution clarity, and facilitate filtration.

Key Non-Ionic Polyacrylamide Applications

1. It, like a crosslinking agent, is used as an oilfield chemical additive.

2. Sand control and sand fixation: dissolve the 0.3 percent concentration of the non-ionic polyacrylamide, apply the crosslinking agent, and spray it on the desert, which will serve the part of sand control and sand fixation.

3. It has a special impact on organic colloidal suspended solids which can facilitate the dewatering and filtration of sludge easily. Owing to the quality of the dirty fabric, it will choose the right model. When dewatering, it does not adhere to the filter fabric and does not loosen when pushing the filter, so it has high performance.

4. It is used for steady sizing efficiency, less size decrease, low-end breakage rate, and smooth surface of the fabric for textile sizing agents.

5. For the disposal of organic waste water, such as galvanizing, printing and dyeing, waste water from the grease factory, tobacco, monosodium glutamate, sugar, waste water from the meat factory, and municipal drainage.

6. Soil humectant: used as the basic soil humectant substance and various adapted polyacrylamide materials.

In functional implementation, the product type must first be chosen and the product index determined, and then batch procurement and use. Furthermore, the non-ionic polyacrylamide has strong water solubility and can be dissolved in cold water completely, but the dissolution time is longer than that of cationic or non-ionic polyacrylamide. Generally, the preparation time is about 60-90 minutes.

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