The Abnormal Exhaust Temperature And Pressure Of Auto Ac Compressor

The exhaust temperature is abnormal of auto ac compressor

Abnormal exhaust temperature means that the temperature is higher than the design value. Theoretically, the factors that affect the increase in exhaust temperature are: intake temperature, pressure ratio and compression index (for air compression index K = 1.4). The actual situation will affect the factors of high suction temperature, such as: low intercooling efficiency, or the scale connection in the intercooler will affect heat exchange, the later suction temperature must be higher, and the exhaust temperature will be higher.

In addition, valve leakage and piston ring leakage, which not only affect the increase of exhaust temperature, but also change the pressure between stages. As long as the pressure ratio is higher than the normal value, the exhaust temperature will rise. In addition, water-cooled machines that lack or lack water will increase the exhaust temperature.

Abnormal pressure of automobile ac compressor

If the amount of gas discharged from the car ac compressor under the rated pressure does not meet the user’s flow requirements, the discharge pressure must be reduced. At this time, I have to replace another machine with the same exhaust pressure and a larger displacement. The main cause of abnormal inter-stage pressure is gas valve leakage or piston ring leakage. Therefore, reasons and measures should be taken from these aspects.


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