The 2018 New Year Gifts Sales Cannot Leave Airwheel Smart Electric Helmets.

Spirit of adventure is encouraged, however, the safety of riders must be ensured, only with protective equipment and measures, people can enjoy themselves fully and set parents’ mind at rest. If you consider to purchase a unique helmet, why not choose Airwheel smart helmet?

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Many people love the feeling of sliding through the wide streets and narrow lanes with ease and total relaxation. You will totally enjoy the beauty of every morning while riding on the Airwheel with all your anxieties and troubles dumped behind. Here comes Airwheel wearable equipment—C series of smart helmets with C5, C6 and C8.
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For the risky outdoor events, they need to learn the detailed explanation of safety equipment and emergency action. To understand parents and ensure self security, a helmet for outdoor activities is necessary. Safety comes first, with the integrated technology, Airwheel smart helmet shows excellent toughness and strength that ordinary ones lack, the safety of riders’ heads are ensured effectively.

C8 full face helmet designed for racing, has equipped with a caution light in the rear. When the lighting is insufficient, the caution light will keep flashing to remind the vehicle and pedestrian at back.

Airwheel intelligent bike helmet is not the ordinary one which is only hard enough to protect head, generally speaking, it is an advanced hi-tech product with multiple functions. It is known to everyone, answering phones or listening to music sometimes can be a risky behavior when riding vehicles, especially on rugged or rough mountain rack, for example, cannot ride stably when one hand hold phone or cannot hear warning whistle while listening music. The outstanding design of Airwheel Bluetooth helmet is must to be mentioned here –high quality and HD camera design with which riders can record every moment of the journey. After going back home, people can turn to past brilliant moments and provide an immersive experience to others and to share excitement during the journey.

Moreover, Airwheel developers put Wi-Fi modules to enable the smart helmet to be connected to mobile phones and indoor network hot spot. So far, do you have the answer of why you should wear it to get around?

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