Gifting Parents the Airwheel H3S smart chair on New Year\’s Day

Airwheel new product-H3S Folding Power chair is the long expected New Year gift for parents, for the senior citizens and for the people who have difficulty in mobility. From its externality and internality, Airwheel H3S Rollators will never disappoint them and delight their New Year.

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The New Year is just around the corner. It is time to find New Year gifts and get gift ideas for your family. Give the perfect gift – every time. Airwheel new product H3S is a desirable gift for parents. Both from its externality and internality, Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair will surprise them and give them a new trip mode in the 2018.
Happy New Year
From the facet of its externality, H3S Electric Wheelchair is designed with science and technology which gives priority to utility with the features of high-tech and environmental protection. Airwheel H3S folding power chair is made of lightweight aluminium frame featuring automatic folding function. Compared with the general selection, such frame is lighter and stronger, load up to 130kg. It adopts Omni-directional front 8 inch wheels and 12.5 inch rear wheels with the unique design of exposed tyres that make it have adaptability that is more extraordinary in outdoor environment. The pedals are adjustable with three different heights to meet the needs of different users.
Airwheel H3S Manual Wheelchairs
From the dimension of internality, you will be astonished at H3S’s brilliant performance. It has made two riding modes—electric mode and manual mode. It is a breakthrough for both Airwheel and the wheelchair industry. Riders can enjoy the company of friends and families in the manual mode and they can enjoy an effortless ride and stop and chat freely in the electric mode. It is a good interpretation of the essence of the new fashion concept: the smarter, the safer.
Airwheel H3S wheelchairs
When reversing, H3S will automatically beep to remind passers-by around to ensure safety. There is exclusive mobile App designed for H3S smart chair. The central control chip will collect data and wirelessly transmit it to rider’s phone. Through instant analysis and arithmetic, it can get visual data that can feedback to the user by App in real time. Moreover, riders can control it remotely via the phone. It changes the H3S to a smart toy.

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