Texans to Enjoy Easier Access to Mental Health Services with New Nora Mental Health Franchise in Fort Worth

Texans to Enjoy Easier Access to Mental Health Services with New Nora Mental Health Franchise in Fort Worth
As Texans continue to face growing challenges in mental health, Nora seeks to close care gaps.

Nora Mental Health takes a significant leap forward in its mission to lead the mental health industry by announcing the opening of a new franchise location in Fort Worth, Texas. Nora’s cutting-edge clinics are poised to provide vital support to Texas residents struggling with mental health challenges by leveraging its empathetic and innovative approach to mental health care. 

Mental Health America ranked Texas last in the country for access to mental health care in 2023. This alarming statistic, paired with the unmet demand for care, means many Texans cannot access the critical care they need. Nora Mental Health aims to change these trends in Texas by opening a new location in Fort Worth and expanding its presence in the state. Now, residents across the Dallas-Fort Worth area will gain easier access to services for a wide range of mental health challenges at any stage in their lives.

“We are excited to extend our reach to the Fort Worth community. This new facility signifies our commitment to providing essential mental health services to Texans struggling with stress, anxiety and other challenges. This clinic will enhance access to premium mental health care for individuals of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Fort Worth region,” stated Dr. Cullen Hardy, Founder and CEO of Nora Mental Health. 

Bridget Green, Nora Mental Health’s COO, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the company’s dedication to mental health advocacy: “Nora’s entry into the Fort Worth market underscores our unwavering commitment to advocating for mental health and will serve as a catalyst for enhancing our capacity to positively impact numerous lives.”

Renowned for its efficient operational framework and personalized support system, a Nora Mental Health franchise emerges as an unparalleled opportunity in the evolving mental health landscape. As Nora Mental Health embarks on this journey of growth, communities are poised to benefit, and families thrive.

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