Nora Mental Health Announces Six New Clinics in Jacksonville

Nora Mental Health Announces Six New Clinics in Jacksonville
Florida ranks first nationally in adults with mental illness yet lacks access to critical care, a gap Nora hopes to solve.

Nora Mental Health proudly announces a landmark deal to establish six new franchises in Jacksonville, Florida, aiming to address the pressing need for expanded mental health services in a state grappling with access to care.

Florida currently ranks 1st in the nation for number of adults with any mental illness. But amidst this crisis, the state ranks 46th in access to care. The result is many people go without access to the critical services needed to address their challenges and lead fulfilling lives, leaving many vulnerable and struggling to overcome serious challenges on their own.

“Florida is in crisis mode when it comes to the number of people suffering from mental health challenges who can’t find the care they need. Our strategic presence through multiple clinics across Jacksonville will extend much-needed high-quality care to those in need, empowering them to embark on a journey towards healing and fulfillment,” said Dr. Cullen Hardy, the Founder and CEO of Nora Mental Health.

In addition to expanding access, Nora Mental Health is committed to destigmatizing mental health care by fostering a positive and inclusive environment that nurtures holistic wellness. The Jacksonville clinics will prioritize swift access to care, dismantling barriers to treatment and ensuring individuals receive the support they require to thrive.

Furthermore, Nora Mental Health’s franchise system is designed to offer comprehensive support to clinic owners, encompassing training, infrastructure, and round-the-clock live call center assistance. By shouldering these administrative burdens, clinic staff can dedicate their focus to delivering top-tier care and enhancing patient outcomes 

“At Nora Mental Health, patient care is our paramount concern. Our model revolves around creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where individuals feel at ease and receive the care they deserve,” emphasized Bridget Green, Nora Mental Health’s dedicated COO. 

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