Ten Cents A Minutes, A True Well Structured Draft Book Written By Roger Guy Holstein.

10 cents minute is a true Story about an Unflagging Soul, paving his way to an occasional miraculous outcome. The highway of Roger’s life was often intersected by other roads leading in totally different directions. Still, our hero’s personal choice was always the high road, the one road that would protect and enhance the future of his beautiful family, comprised of his wonderful, gentle wife Flavia, and his great 3 sons, Danny, Pierre, and Paul.Even though life prepared him well to open an interesting avant-garde type stage theater, for the purpose of providing for his children and spouse roger gave up that particular, cherished, dream.

Life is a total sum of our beliefs and thoughts about life. If we’re taught that every life step will be a struggle, then the life experiences we’ll get to live will be confined within this philosophy. Instead of embracing the facts about whatever life throws, our mind automatically expects bad things to occur. Bad things can happen to us, but when we pre-empt negative incidents, imagining them to occur in a certain negative aspect, we might never live to our full potential and miss the chance to outshine these fears. Many people don’t even realize how much their thinking can affect their quality of life. This doesn’t necessarily signify that life is always challenging. But when we struggle against the naturally occurring rhythms of life, we generate resistance and conflicts, leading to struggle. Still, we can always find contentment and satisfaction if we think that after every struggle and adversity, we can reach the stars and achieve our dreams!

Such is the message of inspiration and motivation that author Roger Holstein has flawlessly portrayed in his memoir, a repertoire of his life’s events and memories, including his triumphs and struggles. And, most importantly, the beloved people who influenced and motivated him to share his words for the world to read. ‘Ten Cents A minute! A True Story by author Roger Guy Holstein is a biography, well-structured draft, and one-of-a-kind book that embodies the author’s mind, creativity, desires, strengths, and fears. This memoir will undoubtedly provide the readers with peeks and insights into the author’s mind – an absolute page-turner book with numerous invaluable lessons about life!

Roger Holstein always felt that life had provided him with a massive invisible shield that guarded him against the major struggles and the impact of life’s difficult trials and hardships. Amid all life calamities brought upon him, his life savior always stood next to him like a hard rock, nearly 5 feet tall. That was Roger’s beloved mother, Alma Kiss Holstein, and Rosinski, who was always there to support him through these challenges. The author particularly dedicates this book to this incredibly deserving woman. In addition, the author has presented many valuable and historical tangents, such as the construction of Notre Dame and the execution of Maria Theresa, and even incorporated psychological themes like “mob mentality,” which makes this memoir profoundly interesting.

This autobiography is immaculately narrated with a great deal of knowledge and experience, with intriguing real-life stories of the authors making this book both tangible and easily understood by all readers.

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