Technology for the Future launches program to provide free laptops for kids

Kids can get a free laptop by submitting application in essay or video format

Today, Technology for the Future, a nonprofit organization run by millennials, is giving away laptops to schoolchildren. The purpose of the program is to inspire kids to believe in themselves and use technology for their benefit, rather than a distraction.To get a laptop, students have to apply on the website, by submitting an application in an essay or video format. For every $100 raised, every child that submits an original application gets a laptop along with guides and other resources.

“I am putting up $50,000 in laptops to kick start the nonprofit as a 25-year-old and need help to spread the news. We help kids ensure they use technology to benefit their future and become more fulfilled citizens. For every $100 we raise through our generous donors, we can provide a student in need with a laptop. We ensure every $100 that enters our nonprofit goes directly to students,” said Adrian Martinca, Founder.

Every child that submits a video or essay will be guided to the opportunity to get a laptop. All we want is a genuine and convincing application that shows that the student is going to use the laptop to achieve their dreams and better the society. The purpose of the program is to inspire kids to believe in themselves and their capability to be successful. The organization wants kids to have the tools and resources they need to create new ideas and find solutions to problems. They also want to use it to help students connect, share ideas and use what they have learned to change their communities.

“We are proud to be affiliated with Technology for the Future. I have a great job; I believe my family, and myself, we are very fortunate. For those who are less fortunate, we should help. By taking part in this program, we are empowering young kids and making our community a better place. Computers can help children broaden their horizon and get them prepared for the future,” said John Crawford, UAW President.

Technology for the Future is hoping that more kids will apply and send in very moving and inspiring videos and essays. Their primary focus now is getting in submissions and ensuring as many applicants as possible are sponsored. The launch will take place on Christmas when all recipients will be announced. It is an online system, but depending on applicants, the organization is seeking a local ‘graduation’ kick off.

About Technology for the Future
Technology for the Future is a nonprofit organization that believes that the most of the problems in the society today can be solved using innovative technologies. The group comprises of a team of thinkers, innovators, and educators that are determined to provide computer and technology solutions for local and community-based institutions. For more information, please visit

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