Jay Elle’s New Single ‘Twelve on Sunday’ Becomes Widely Popular

Highly talented and popular New York City-based male vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player – Jay Elle, recently released a song ‘Twelve on Sunday’, and soon after its release, this song has become widely popular, and it is currently playing on over 100 radio stations and is being widely requested by listeners. Twelve on Sunday has taken Jay Elle to the peaks of popularity; and according to his fans, ‘Jay Elle is unique and there is no one like him’.

Jay Elle has been practicing music for several years now and his claim to fame is his wonderful unique voice, soothing, smooth and flexible with a fresh and unusual tone. The best thing about Jay Elle’s songs is that he writes original songs that fit in the pop, urban folk, and adult contemporary genres. According to his fans, Jay Elle’s voice is beautiful and expressive and takes you on a journey with every word.

The recently release Jay Elle’s single ‘Twelve on Sunday’, is written and sung beautifully by Jay Elle himself; and like his other songs, this song is also about a real life, emotional situations that Jay Elle has beautifully stored in his soulful voice with a melodic guitar tune.

Twelve on Sunday is about a single dad and his twelve-year-old daughter. This song beautifully describes a scene in which a very loving father is sharing his fears and emotions about her daughter growing up and turning 12 on the coming Sunday. This song truly touches the heart and soul – apart from the soulful voice of Jay Elle – the beautiful lyrics of this song bring tears to the eyes. Twelve on Sunday is like the heart’s voice of all the single fathers as this song is very relatable for all the single fathers who have daughters that are growing up and becoming teenagers.

The combination of the beautiful, intricate, classical guitar sound and the passionate voice of Jay Elle has made this song a popular choice for the listeners.

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About: Jay Elle is a New York City-based male vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player. He writes original songs that fit in the singer-songwriter, pop, urban folk, and adult contemporary genres. Jay Elle is different, innovative with his sound and lyrics, unafraid to stand beside slick productions. His voice is soothing yet passionate. His classical guitar arrangements are intricate yet beautiful. Jay Elle is the one and only urban troubadour. His writing combines beautiful melodies and unique, poignant lyrics tackling rare subject matters.

Artist: Jay Elle
Song: Twelve on Sunday
Website: http://www.jayelle222.com/
Contact: John Louis
Email: johnlouis222@hotmail.com

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Company Name: Jay Elle
Contact Person: John Louis
Email: johnlouis222@hotmail.com
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Website: http://www.jayelle222.com/