Tax Professional in Chicago IL: Having a Diverse Range Of Clients Allows To Solve Virtually Any Problem

Tax season is a very stressful time for many people. Calculating deductions, what can and cannot be deducted and the remainder of the tax issues that come with each new year means many people turn to a tax professional for assistance.

Jeff Badu is a business tax consultant in Chicago, Illinois. He has been a CPA for some time and has been working with a wide range of difficult scenarios. This ranges from individuals, married couples, small and large business owners and physicians.

“I get quite a few physicians and their practices needing help with taxes and taxation. Many physicians are independent contractors, meaning they work for themselves and are taxed at the end of the year.  They also are responsible for their private practices if they have one. Each year, navigating the tax deductions and assessments for these professionals is best done by a CPA here in Chicago, Illinois,” said Badu.

Each year, tax laws change. These changing laws mean tax liabilities change and can make huge differences on physicians and business owners. Jeff Badu has helped many of these working professionals with tax issues for current and previous years  Often times, they are audited and need professional assistance.

“Even those who have their taxes ready from a tax professional here in Chicago can be audited. I am able to stand beside my client and help them through the audit process, which can be somewhat frightening and a headache for those being audited,” continued Badu.

Badu Tax Services LLC offer paper-free tax preparation via their website. Interested clients need only upload their documents to a secure site, and the company takes care of the rest. It is common to have tax documents continually uploaded throughout the year.

Badu Tax Services helps Chicago citizens and businesses with all their accounting needs. For individuals with a fairly simple tax situation or business owners that require more in-depth analysis or business tax preparation, Badu Tax Services helps maximize tax savings and minimize tax liability. The firm’s mission is to help you maximize financial security while offering tax preparation services in Chicago to individuals and businesses.

Learn more about how Badu Tax Services can help with a private doctor’s practice or any business at

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