Tameeka Leon Announces the Rebrand of Her Business to Better Suit the Needs of The Modern Woman

Tameeka is the Goal Success Coach providing support and coaching for high-achieving women on a journey of self-discovery

Different philosophies exist on how to build and nourish a woman’s career or purpose. Some have suggested that it can thrive on the altar of self-denial, hustling or many other practices. However, these suggestions may prove to not be for everyone and can be counter productive in the long run. Tameeka Leon is changing the narrative and working actively in coaching women to achieve their goals. In her attempt to convey the importance of self-care as a woman pursues her goals, she says: “You deserve the same time, energy and attention that you give to everyone else.”

Tameeka is anchoring on this narrative to change the focus of her business from a motivational blog for women to one that truly equips women to achieve their goals. She announces the rebrand of her business from Coffee.Yoga.Life to The Goal Success Coach.

Her role as a Confidence and Goal Success coach, involves a radical methodology that is unique from the rest in that it is a combination of the “hit it hard, knock it out of the park” style of goal-setting, in addition to a technique that is in tune with one’s internal feminine energy and responding to their body’s need, alongside a reasonable touch of the law of Attraction. Her coaching program offers her clients one-on-one coaching packages, VIP days and a membership. The rebrand of her business reaches out to high-achieving ambitious women who are willing to take charge of their lives.   

For more information, please visit www.goalsuccesscoach.co

About Tameeka Leon

Tameeka Leon is a Confidence and Goal Success Coach, founder of the Coffee.Yoga.Life blog and the Mindful Success Club. She helps high-achieving women redefine success for themselves so that they can create their unique goal success plan. Tameeka’s coaching journey began after battling low self-esteem, low self-confidence and imposter syndrome. That’s when she realized she had been living according to everyone else’s definition of success. She decided to start focusing on what she wanted. But first she had to figure out what she wanted. After reflecting on it, Tameeka knew the answer and now she helps women define success for themselves and help them find the strength to stand in their power.

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