Author of One Lifetime is Not Enough Rex Nelson Greenwald on BookTalks: The Podcast

Author of One Lifetime is Not Enough Rex Nelson Greenwald on BookTalks: The Podcast

In his recent BookTalks – The Podcast interview, Author Rex Nelson Greenwald, made listeners’ and readers’ brains tingle as he describes his writing process, his life, and his ideas. The interview lasted for 41 minutes and the result is utterly fascinating. The questions provided and the answers are as varied and interesting as you’d expect from the famously bookish writer who loves non-fiction, reads the Bible from cover to cover, writes a journal, and read books at Barnes and Noble.

In this triple-whammy of goodness, he talks about why he wrote the book, with the most compelling being the ability to leave a legacy to his family, most especially his grandchildren. He lay the groundwork for his beloved character Coy from his book, One Lifetime is Not Enough, like a memoir, an autobiography retelling his life. A line from the book, he read sometime 15 years ago, changed him completely, he wanted to be able to put his own thoughts and creativity onto paper and to make people feel the same way he did while reading books, because it’s the best feeling ever.

One Lifetime is Not Enough, is a gripping tale of love, friendship, hope, loss and redemption that takes you inside the life of a young man named Coy, who discovers a book he doesn’t know will change his life forever. The book provided good clean story with some of the best quotes about life, some of them are awe-inspiring.

An excerpt from the book:

He realized he had not asked for any help and on day two of his preparation decided that he should be praying for answers and guidance for enlightenment and blessing.

Filled with warmth, good humor and perennial wisdom, this book is a timeless catch for bookworms. During the interview, Greenwald also announced the release of his upcoming book which he wrote with his son, Nicolas, whom he bonded during the writing process.

His book, One Lifetime is Not Enough, is available in all major online book stores!



About the Author

Rex was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota a north suburb of Minneapolis, and lived his youth in a small neighborhood with both his parents and older sister. With many friends he loved riding bikes, playing football, baseball, soccer, and hockey. His mother and father grew up in a small town north of Minneapolis, and his father had a passion for motorcycles. Rex has the passion as well, with many miles ridden with lots of memories.He married his lifetime love (Teresa) at age 21, they have been married for 39 years and are blessed with two children, Nicholas, and Chelsea. Both kids have wonderful spouses, and the family is blessed with six wonderful grandchildren. They all live within ten miles of each other and enjoy life together. He earned a B.A. in Business from the University of Minnesota and an Architectural Technology degree from the Dunwoody Industrial Institute in Minneapolis. He currently works in the construction industry and continues to feed his passion for good books.

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