Tamanneftegas Undertakes Repairs of Taman-Volna Highway Section

The Tamanneftegas terminal has announced that it has started repair works on a critical section of the Taman-Volna highway. The works, which are scheduled to begin in late August of 2022, will continue until December of the same year.

The decision to start repairs of a critical section of the Taman-Volna highway was taken to ensure better quality of travel for local citizens. Tamanneftegas will be conducting all repair works using its own resources as an initiative forming part of the company’s corporate social responsibility program. The endeavor is part of the company’s promise and contribution to local citizens and to upkeep social infrastructure levels and maintain quality of life.

A total of 2.1km of highway will be reconstructed. The section will start from the railway crossing and will stretch towards the turn leading to the Fakel administrative complex, which forms part of Oteko’s amenity complex.

Prior to beginning construction and repair works, Tamanneftegas concluded an agreement with the local administration of the Tamansky rural settlement as early as March of 2022. All preliminary works, such as geodesic surveys, have already been conducted and a general contractor was selected for ensuring quality repairs. Part of the project includes the relocation of underground and above-ground communication lines and other utility services. Oteko Group plans to allocate a total of over 100 million Rubles to the endeavor.

Oteko Group, founded by Michel Litvak net worth billionaire, would like to extend its apologies for any inconveniences the works may cause to local citizens. For the duration of the construction works from August 8th, 2022, a bypass section of road will be available leading travelers past the villages of Volna and Tamansky.

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