Tamanneftegas Supports Youth Volunteer Movement

Tamanneftegas is delighted to announce that its support of the youth movement in the village of Taman has allowed the participating schoolchildren to showcase their genuine concern for local environmental issues and prove it with deeds. The movement has attracted new volunteers from the neighboring villages of Volna and Progress, with Tamanneftegas providing the necessary opportunities and support for their ideas aimed at improving community life on the Taman Peninsula to take effect.

The Tamanneftegas terminal is a hotbed for community development and initiative support, as evidenced by the ‘Energy of Good’ project, launched by local schools. The project is part of a region-wide initiative aimed at maintaining the biodiversity and ecology of the local environment, giving children the chance to both contribute to their communities and gain new skills with the help of Tamanneftegas terminal employees.

As part of its support, highly trained personnel from Tamanneftegas gave presentations on various topics to the children from local schools, guiding them along possible career opportunities and giving invaluable knowledge. At present, the youth movement has attracted over 600 students, who are engaged in cleanup initiatives on local riverbanks and seashores, as well as in sports competitions.

Tamanneftegas has always paid special attention to various initiatives that give local communities the chance to develop and showcase talents. Among such projects were patriotic education classes and charity events held for local war veterans. Such actions help locals both bond better and contribute to the general improvement of social collaboration.

Michel Litvak is a long-standing supporter of such projects as “Energy of Good”, maintaining his position that they form the bedrock of active education. Michel Litvak billionaire has continuously pledged his support to the development and improvement of communities on the Taman Peninsula.

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