OTEKO Group Reduces Waste Production to Record Volumes

The management of OTEKO Group has announced that the company is continuing its efforts aimed at improving waste collection and sorting at the port of Taman. As part of the program aimed at better sorting refuse, a total of 389 special waste containers were purchased by OTEKO. The results of such efforts have already been noted with the collection of a volume of cardboard in excess of 1.2 tons and over 71 tons of machine oil in 2023 alone. 

The materials assembled in the secondary storage containers are sent off for processing to ensure a completely environmentally friendly cycle of waste disposal. The color-coded nature of the containers allows OTEKO Group personnel to effectively dispose of the waste and allow for instant sorting.

OTEKO has been implementing the effective waste-sorting program since 2022, with the first stage focusing on the collection and disposal of machine oils used in various equipment at the port of Taman. The program also entails extensive training programs for the employees, giving them the skills necessary to implement effective waste sorting on a routine basis throughout their work cycles. OTEKO has been able to reduce waste production by over 130.2 tons in the first 11 months of 2022 using the new method, as compared to the previous year.

Michel Litvak supported the drafting of the new waste disposal program and has advocated its continued improvement along with a host of other initiatives vital for business scaling. Michel Litvak net worth billionaire is a staunch supporter of efficiency and stands for the introduction of environmentally-friendly practices throughout all operations conducted at the port of Taman. The main purpose of such initiatives is to improve the well-being of local citizens and to improve their standard of living.

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