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OxyContin Addiction Treatment

OxyContin is a legal opiate that is prescribed by doctors to in order to help patients manage severe pain which can be caused by end-stage cancer or people with bone of neurological degeneration.   A schedule II narcotic, OxyContin is meant to be used by prescription use only; however, it has been made available on the street which has made addiction to it an ongoing problem.  The street names for OxyContin are: OC, Hillbilly Heroin, OxyCotton, and Kickers. 

If you are looking for OxyContin addiction treatment, look no further than Canadian Addiction Rehab.  When a person is searching for a rehab, the first concern is usually a financial one. Canadian Addiction Rehab is privately owned, meaning the benefits offered here are associated with non-government rehabilitation centers, including the following:

  • Services and amenities are better
  • There are shorter waiting lists
  • Availability to stay longer
  • Peer groups that are high-functioning
  • No “clean-time” required before admittance to facility

Once the decision has been made to choose a private rehab center, one is then faced with the new problem of narrowing it down to a single facility.  To aid with this difficult choice, here is a short list of reasons why Canadian Addiction Rehab should be the number one choice.

Canadian Addiction Rehab offers personalized patient care in which the person is treated has a whole person and not just for the addiction.

Canadian Addiction Rehab works with an extensive assortments of proven and effective treatment options in which is based on each individual; giving them the skills needed to be successful and achieve the ultimate goal of sustaining sobriety.

The staff at Canadian Addiction Rehab aim to serve the clients best interests as a cohesive unit.  From the moment a client steps into the facility they are under medical supervision, and there are medical physicians available to supervise the client during the detox process.

The stay at Canadian Addiction Rehab is a flexible inpatient facility, and there are 30-60-or 90 day programs, or one can choose to detox alone.

About Canadian Addiction Rehab:

Canadian Addiction Rehab is dedicated to delivering the best care and treatment to the patients that are looking for help with OxyContin addiction that come to the facility.  Canadian Addiction Rehab promises to provide all clients with the best quality of care by a trained and efficient staff that is available for support through this very challenging time in a person’s life.  Taking pride to help each person recover and reestablish the personal relationships in their lives.

If you or a family member is suffering from OxyContin addiction, or addiction from any other drugs or alcohol, call Canadian Addiction Rehab.  “The only person you are destined to become; is the person you decide to be.”  At Canadian Addiction Rehab you will receive the help you need to become that person and you will learn a new outlook on life in which you will be on the course for a life-changing, uplifting experience.

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